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AMC has always been one for gracing its audiences with hard-hitting shows. From the struggles of human society to remain civilized in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, to the evolution of an ordinary academic into a life-destroying monster, they certainly got the right blend of action and character drama going for fans. That latter series, “Breaking Bad,” lasted five seasons on AMC and Netflix, and ended back in 2013, but it still has a good grip on the imagination of viewers, who might have wondered what happened to Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) following the death of his high school teacher-turned-drug-lord boss. A surprise reveal by Netflix tells us what.

Entertainment Weekly has it that there is indeed a “Breaking Bad” movie coming up soon. It will premiere on AMC and Netflix which was the series’ second home following its own home network, and had been instrumental to increasing both the show’s popularity and viewership for Netflix’s then-nascent online library. The streaming giant announced “El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie on Wednesday, September 18. Not only does it come online at Netflix next month, it will also be premiered to a limited number of theaters in the US for three days at the same time.

“El Camino” is already a triumph for “Breaking Bad” producer Sony Pictures Television in filmmaking subterfuge, being shot in the same New Mexico area that the TV series was without locals and fans being the wiser. As stated, it shall follow Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman in the wake of the downfall of Walter “Heisenberg” White, when he escapes from his Neo-Nazi captors in the titular El Camino Chevy coupe. A tagline for the film notes that in order for Jesse to make a future for himself without his partner-in-crime mentor, he must face his past.

The seeds for a “Breaking Bad” movie might have been sowed when the AMC series celebrated its 10th anniversary back in 2018, leading to a reunion of the cast as covered by EW. As only proper, the series’ creator Vince Gilligan returns as both director and part of a producer posse with Aaron Paul and several others. The actor is joined in the film cast by Charles Baker and Matt Jones, who play Jesse’s friends Skinny Pete and Badger. Gilligan also teased no less than 10 more (surviving?) TV characters will also figure in “El Camino.” The film will premiere on Netflix streaming this coming October 11, simultaneous with a limited US theatrical release from that day to the 13th. AMC will also air “El Camino” on a later date.

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