Monday, August 5, 2019


The middle of year 2019 seems to be the prime time for ABS-CBN’s current seasons of their franchised internationally-kwon reality shows to draw to a close. Last month on July 2018, the inaugural season for “Idol Philippines,” the third Filipino iteration for the “Idol” franchise in just as many local networks, came to a close with Zephanie Dimaranan as the first winner, with more promised to come due to the program getting a second season in the future. Now, on the first Sunday of August it was “Pinoy Big Brother” dropping the curtain on its current season “PBB Otso,” with a 25-year-old Boholano winning it.

The Manila Bulletin reports that on Sunday, August 4, the longest season ever of “Pinoy Big Brother” had its Big Night, with the remaining Big 4 finalists, all that remains of the Ultim8 batch, would put their fates solely to the audience vote to determine their Big Winner. In the end it was Yamyam Gucong, titled the “Iskulit Bai ng Bohol,” that would carry the evening with a voting percentage of 58.52% or more than half of the rest of the Big 4. The votes were all fresh following the zero reset in the wake of the selection of those advancing from the Ultim8 batch.

It could be arguably put forth that Yamyam was managed to win many of the “PBB Otso” TV audience on his side ever since his entry into Kuya’s House as part of the second batch of Housemates. His combination of popular showmanship and strongly positive outlook in life earned him friends in and out of the program, as evidenced by his coming first in the Batch 2 housemates advancing into the next stage of the very lengthy competition, which began in November of last year.

When it was down to the Ultimate8 vying to make the Big 4, Yamyam Gucong got through alongside Lou Yanong, Andre Brouillette and Kiara Takahashi, leaving behind (in order of ranking) Fumiya Sankai, Lie Reposposa, Ashley Del Mundo and Kaori Oinuma. In the victory of Yamyam his votes gave him a comfortable lead over Takahashi’s 30.29%, with Yanong and Brouillette landing single-digit vote percentages in the renewed rounds of audience voting. The Boholano Bai makes off with a P2 million grand prize, plus a condominium unit, tour package around Asia, and an entrepreneurial startup package.

Image courtesy of ABS-CBN News


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