Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Watched the “HELLO, LOVE, GOODBYE” Movie? Then READ THE BOOK!

Star Cinema’s “Hello, Love, Goodbye” has by now undoubtedly cemented itself as one of the biggest Filipino blockbusters of 2019. It has surely made bank on the box office thanks to its heavy-hitting combination of a dramatic love story, a relatable setting background of OFW life in Hong Kong, and a formidable cross-network pairing of Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards. While the cinematic run of “Hello, Love, Goodbye” is all but wrapped up that does not mean the experience of its story has to end. While the home media release is heavily anticipated, fans can check out the plot in another form, as a novel.
In what has to be a brilliant marketing move, Star Cinema has announced that there is a book adaptation of their recent runaway blockbuster “Hello, Love, Goodbye” published via the ABS-CBN Books publishing label. According to CNN Philippines the novel is written by Charmaine Lasar, who has won a Palanca Award for Literature, the so-called “Pulitzer Prize” of the Philippines. It retells in prose form the heartwarming and tear-jerking story of Hong Kong-based OFWs Ethan (Richards) and Joy (Bernardo) as they try to find happiness in one another when it gets in the way of providing or their loved ones.
But surely fans who saw the movie itself on cinemas last month would not feel the need to read about the story all over again in text? ABS-CBN Books and Lasar have taken that into consideration as well. “Hello, Love, Goodbye: The Novel” is more than just a straight retelling of the film, it is also an adaptation expansion of what director Cathy Garcia-Molina and her screenplay team have presented to moviegoers via Star Cinema. Long story short, this book will cater to fans of the narrative (and the characters portrayed by Kathryn and Alden), who want so much more.
As the official blurb goes on Star Cinema’s Instagram post regarding the novel, there is still more to the love story between Ethan and Joy, and the book as written by Charmaine Lasar contains more material to flesh out the backstory of the two leads, particularly a prologue section detailing Joy’s life in the Philippines before going to Hong Kong as an OFW. Another embellishment is an epilogue section detailing what comes next for the two lovers after the credits started rolling on the film. And of course there are several insert photos showing “Hello, Love Goodbye” behind the scenes.
The novel is reasonably priced at a P195 SRP, available via the ABS-CBN Books official Facebook page or the Lazada online shopping platform. Regular buyers need not fret because “Hello, Love, Goodbye” will also follow soon on major bookstores nationwide.

Image from Star Cinema Instagram


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