Thursday, August 1, 2019

TUNA FEST 2019 Slogan Asks Generals to “EXPERIENCE NEW FLAVORS”

The GenSan Tuna Festival is one of the key celebrations for the city each and every year since its inception in the 1990s as an add-on to the original city charter anniversary celebrations, eventually encompassing it as a week-long special event. Of course, as a consequence of having been held annually for so long now, the challenge for the GenSan LGU in overseeing the organization of the Tuna Festival this year is to make sure the celebration is no mere rehash of what has been done again and again before. This dedication to making Tuna Fest 2019 unique is reflected in the new promotional slogan.

For GenSan Tuna Festival 2019, Generals and guests for the rest of the country and the world are being invited to “Experience New Flavors.” It is right there on top of the event name at the new promo poster for the upcoming Tuna Fest. And the mascot tuna is totally complementary with the slogan with how many colors it has, representing the many possibilities in making a dish out of GenSan’s signature fish. Comic book superhero movie buffs might also be tickled by the fact that the tuna is holding Aquaman’s trident in its fin.

But what exactly does it mean for Tuna Fest celebrants to experience new flavors? It likely has something to do with the new events that will be added to the festivities this time around. The Department of Trade and Industry Negosyo Center at the LGU’s City Investment Building behind City Hall has been eagerly awaiting event proposals from various sectors of GenSan since the past month or so. The deadline for these ideas actually passed on July 22. A few days later the official Tuna Festival Facebook page had asked Generals where the best tuna-dish eating establishments are, but whether or not it has something to do with the slogan is yet to be known.

Traditional GenSan Tuna Festival attractions are easily recalled by any General: a fair, food stalls and shops at the Oval Plaza, events and competitions at the plaza stage and malls, and especially the Fish Port Complex, are what we are used to expecting. But how about the new flavors embodied by what event proposals came through during the DTI Negosyo Center’s canvass? With the 2019 Tuna Fest kicking off at the end of this month, from August 29 to September 5, we would not have to wait long to learn.

For more updates on the upcoming Tuna Festival this year, we can keep an eye out on the event’s official social media channels as listed on the poster above: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We can hope they will be exciting, and not to forget, new.

Image: GenSan Tuna Festival Facebook


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