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It is not casually known by moviegoers, but the ABS-CBN Star Cinema horror film “Eerie,” which premiered in the Philippines just this March, was actually already produced since last year. The movie, which stars Bea Alonzo, was actually screened publicly for the first time during the Singapore International Film Festival in December 3, 2018. It was a hit there, it was a hit in its cinematic run, and now “Eerie” is also getting plenty of attention with its international distribution courtesy of being on Netflix. And it is actually from watching there that lots of critics in major overseas markets are turning their eyes on its lead, Bea Alonzo herself.

The Philippine Star has it that the Star Cinema crime horror film “Eerie” is now something of a darling with international media organizations giving it favorable reviews following its availability on Netflix. Once can tell that the movie has hit a sweet and scary spot with viewers when a reviewer compares it to recent hit horror shows such as the “American Horror Story” anthology on FX and “The Haunting of Hill House,” a Netflix exclusive produced by Amblin and Paramount Television. This comparison was made in review by Roxy Simons, entertainment writer for the UK news site The Daily Mail.

“Filipino horror film ‘Eerie’ has left fans so terrified they can't sleep with the lights off,” was how Simons described it in her article. “Viewers were petrified by the horror film so much that they even struggled to sleep in the dark, and took to Twitter to share their struggle.” On the other side of the Atlantic, American magazine for fashion and lifestyle Elle described “Eerie” as “A scary movie can't be considered great unless it's full of jump scares, unpredictable twists, and leaves you so afraid you refuse to sleep with the lights off.”

In a way, the success of “Eerie” on Netflix comes across as something of a relief for lead actress Bea Alonzo, who is currently weathering the ongoing controversy that her once-boyfriend Gerald Anderson had cheated on her with Julia Barretto. While the affair scandal continues to wind down, at the very least some of the reviews for her scary movie have mentioned her acting, as she portrayed the film’s main character and private school guidance counselor Pat, who is investigating the recent suicide of a student at her all-girls school workplace, using her spirit medium abilities to communicate with ghosts.

Directed by Mikhail Red, “Eerie” has already earned over P200 million in both the box office and from streaming views on Netflix, a testament to the sheer scary-ness the international reviewers have been clamoring about.

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