Thursday, August 15, 2019

New Trailer Reveals “STAR WARS RESISTANCE” Season 2 is LAST

To be perfectly blunt, the “Sequel Trilogy” of the long-running “Star Wars” saga, and all spinoff media relating to it, have been rather hit or miss in terms of reception from the franchise fandom. While it did bring “Star Wars” back into prominence, the story development that killed off some original characters and the seemingly “politicized” characterization of the new-generation heroine have soured opinions of some audiences. The same goes for its side-story material such as the Disney Channel/XD animated series “Star Wars: Resistance,” which fans compared unfavorably to franchise predecessors “Clone Wars” and “Rebels.” That might explain why its second season has been announced to also be its last.
Entertainment Weekly tells us that indeed, the second season of Disney Channel and Disney XD’s “Star Wars Resistance” will be set to conclude this spinoff animated series set within the saga’s Sequel Trilogy timeframe of Episodes VII to IX. Lucasfilm Animation has conceptualized the show, when it began, as taking place in between the events as depicted in “The Force Awakens” and “The Last Jedi,” with a separate group of Resistance members operating against the Imperial remnants called the First Order, in a way-station called Colossus in a water planet.
A new trailer establishes what to expect in the concluding season of “Star Wars Resistance” following its first season finale, when the Colossus was revealed to be a spaceship and its besieged crew is forced to do a hyper-space jump to escape First Order troops sent to destroy them. They end up in a remote corner of the Galaxy hounded by the warlike locals, bounty hunters and First Order pursuers. It is again up to the Aces, Colossus’ mercenary racer and star-fighter pilot squad, to keep everyone alive until they can reach any Resistance group.
The stakes are really high with the Colossus in order to survive their journey to safety. As the station/ship was a mercenary and outlaw hideaway, loyalty of the inhabitants is shaky, especially with many hostile elements after them. Ace pilot and Resistance spy Kaz (Christopher Sean) must work with his fellow Aces to drum up morale and cooperation among the Colossus crew. Meanwhile, the First Order is going all-out to find the missing station/ship with the help of Colossus traitor Tam (Suzie McGrath), and they have their own dire motivation in the form of Captain Phasma (Gwendoline Christie) and, for this closing season, Kylo Ren himself. It is not Adam Driver voicing him here, however.
Guest star voices for “Star Wars Resistance” on its swan song include “Hamilton’s” Daveed Diggs and Lucy “Xena” Lawless. The second and final season premieres on Disney Channel October 6.
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