Thursday, August 29, 2019

LIZQUEN Tandem Share First Tidbits of Their Upcoming ABS-CBN TELESERYE

In the continuing buildup towards Star Cinema’s latest film adaptation of iconic Filipina super-heroine “Darna,” the name of Liza Soberano had once been intimately tied to the project, as the title character to boot. Unfortunately, a rather nasty injury on the set of her last ABS-CBN teleserye put a damper on those plans. By the time Jane De Leon was cast to replace her, Liza was already in the US for her series of operations to fix her finger bone fracture, to great success. During that time there was a blank as to what production she might join next. Now it is revealed, and she will be joined by her love team partner Enrique Gil.

As ABS-CBN News tells it, there is already a new teleserye under development at the Kapamilya network, and it will star the ever-popular Lizquen tandem of Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil. This was shared to social media on Wednesday, August 28, via a video-log entry from Liza’s manager Ogie Diaz. The video depicted Lizquen in a recent story conference regarding the upcoming ABS-CBN TV series that they will headline. Diaz did not share any further details on the new show, other than the name of its assigned director, Richard Arellano.
When the two themselves were queried regarding the show, Liz and Quen made mention that the character roles being crafted for Soberano in particular is somewhat different from what she has done before. The two operative words that Gil dropped about his partner’s latest onscreen character were “spunky” and “sexy,” which could cover a lot of role archetypes in general. For her part, Liza has mentioned that her finger bone fracture recovery has been progressing well enough that she could engage in physical workout. In addition, she has taken advantage of the lull between projects by resuming her academic studies, even as Enrique has been busy with his small business.

The new ABS-CBN teleserye is being produced by Star Creatives, the TV arm of Star Cinema. Enrique Gil has described the drama as “super exciting” and one that fans of their on- and off-screen pairing will certainly enjoy. He also addressed their fans whom he felt might have been left in the lurch with how long they have not returned to active acting. “I know you guys are disappointed…but don’t be sad, we are here,” Gil remarked in the post-story conference video, also adding. “We’ll be coming out again soon.”

Additional projects for Lizquen aside from the in-development Kapamilya drama include another movie. While the teleserye itself is nearing full production, the two can be counted on to be present at the upcoming ABS-CBN Ball.

Image from Ogie Diaz YouTube


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