Monday, August 19, 2019

KRIS AQUINO Comeback Horror Movie for 2019 MMFF Now CANCELLED

Considering the severity of the medical condition that ultimately forced actress, TV personality and one-time “Queen of All Media” Kris Aquino to leave the world of showbiz, it is amazing that she could muster the resolve to make any comeback at all. But she was coming back, in a starring role for a horror flick that is a Metro Manila Film Fest entry premiering in the Holidays to boot. The operative word however is “was,” as due to some very unfortunate circumstances involving a surprise development and a tight festival schedule, said movie comeback is now dead in the water.
CNN Philippines reports that the 2019 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) horror-genre entry “(K)ampon,” which was to be a comeback vehicle for veteran actress Kris Aquino, is no longer in production, as continuing to do so under the circumstances will disqualify it from the festival. Kris was supposed to co-star in this scary movie alongside Derek Ramsay, only for the actor to back out due to some scheduling problems. There was a replacement actor on hand, another acting legend in Gabby Concepcion. However, there are guidelines in the production schedule of MMFF entries, including a deadline for casting changes which passed beyond the film’s timetable.
On her Instagram page, Aquino explained the circumstances behind the scrapping of “(K)ampon,” a production of Quantum Films. The MMFF executive committee, which oversees production of all prospective entries, placed a deadline of July 31 for official casting changes. Ramsay bowed out of the project on August 2, with no possibility of reconsidering due to his own schedule. Gabby was contacted and agreed to fill in on August 4, and Quantum Films sent an official letter of the change in August 5, a full five days after the deadline.

The 2019 MMFF “EXECOM” denied the recasting, with the proviso that to go ahead anyway will lead to “(K)ampon” being disqualified. As Quantum Films developed the horror movie precisely for film fest participation, it was decided to simply scrap the production.
Kris Aquino has declined to appeal the Metro Manila Film Fest ruling (based on the Festival Rules Section 3) as this course of action is in abidance of the MMFF regulations. “I was raised to abide by the rules,” she commented on her Instagram. There was also Filipino delicadeza involved since many members of the executive committee/EXECOM are personal friends of hers. While that leaves the cancelled project in debt, to the cast, crew and the MMFF production bond, it is something they will take. She gave a final advice to fans that deadlines should be beaten by speed, and honored if they are missed.
Image from The Filipino Times


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