Sunday, August 11, 2019

GRAB PHILIPPINES Metes SUSPENSION on Driver that Shared ADDRESS of BELA PADILLA on Company Radio

Sometimes, fans of famous celebrities who actually get to meet their idols in person would be so hyped by their encounter that their minds tend to miss some things in their train of thought. This could result in them doing loopy actions that could embarrass both them and the star; and it goes doubly so if the fan is in the middle of performing a utility service for the celebrity in question. In that case, not only to they upset their famous client, they will get in trouble with the bosses of their company. Just ask this unfortunate Grab driver.

CNN Philippines reports that a driver for the regional ride-hailing juggernaut Grab, found his career with the service in jeopardy after he performed a violation of their clients’ privacy by broadcasting their connection to their address on company communications. That is because his customer that fateful weekend was Filipina-British actress Bela Padilla. On Friday, August 9, Padilla vented on social media that her Grab driver blurted out her home address to the company’s closed-circuit radio frequencies used by the service’s contractors. The driver, whose identity has been withheld by his employers, apparently did so in a moment of unthinking excitement.

According to an official statement by Grab released the following day, August 10, the errant ride-hailing driver has already given an apology to Padilla for disclosing her address, particularly since it triggered another social media storm over the weekend. In any case, according to Atty. Nicka Hosaka, spokesperson for the Philippine office of the Singapore-based Grab, the company has already subjected the driver to an administrative penalty. “The driver has immediately apologised to Ms Padilla, and we have already placed the former under preventive suspension,” notes Hosaka. The Grab driver losing track of his contract regulations out of “sheer excitement” for his passenger was a grave lapse of professional conduct.

Hosaka then remarked that Grab Philippines will emphasize the reinforcement of regulations to all contractors regarding responsibility in the handling of confidential information on the job. They will therefore mandate that their drivers attend retraining for working with data security.

Image courtesy of ABS-CBN News


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