Monday, August 19, 2019

DISNEY STREAMING to Also Be AVAILABLE in APPLE TV, ANDROID and Other Major Digital Devices

Ever since Disney began pulling out all of its online content from the traditional streaming platforms like Netflix, the anticipation has begun to build for one of their latest brainchildren. Disney+, the exclusive new streaming platform for all things Disney (and Marvel, and Lucasfilm/”Star Wars”) will be launching in the penultimate month of this year with the promise of the massive combined library of what already is, plus the oodles of interesting new original content that have already been promised and even teased in so many events. With November coming soon, Disney has also revealed the various streaming devices they have partnered with to deliver Disney+ widely upon its launch.

The Verge reports that the House of Mouse has given an official listing of what digital devices will be able to pick up their exclusive Disney+ streaming service when it launches this November 12 in the US. The media juggernaut has committed itself to making their platform available to most if not all of its major world markets some two years after launch, and will be able to meet that deadline by partnering with several other platforms to offer Disney+ on their devices. The initial offer of $6.99 per month (and a $69.99) annual fee also serves to attract first-timers.

As soon as Disney+ launches, these following platforms and products will have access to the service, namely Android, Android TV, iPhone iOS, iPadOS, Apple TV (tvOS), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Roku TV and streaming, Chromecast, and all major web browsers on desktop computers. Countries that can immediately access Disney+ after launch will include (along with monthly rates) Canada (CA$8.99), Australia (AU$8.99), New Zealand (NZ$9.99) and the Netherlands (6.99). In addition, Disney is also offering an integrated monthly package of US$12.99 to bundle Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ in a single payment.

It is interesting to note on the devices listed, there are none from Amazon whether in its Fire tablets or the Fire TV platform. Disney has not given an official explanation why, though hopefully the Disney+ support could come along later after launch. The company also announced that users of Apple TV, Roku and so on, will be able to subscribe for Disney+ streaming straight from those same platforms. Apple TV is pretty chill about the arrangement considering it is also launching its Apple TV Plus service in the same month, with a $9.99 monthly fee alone, with no bundles.

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