Friday, August 2, 2019

DENNIS TRILLO Newest KAPUSO Starring in Upcoming ABSCBN FILM; Believes NETWORK Talent BOUNDARIES Need to GO

The status quo on Philippine television has been, despite the presence of any other broadcast networks in the country the real activity in on the long-standing rivalry between ABS-CBN and GMA7, Both networks, big enough to have their own big-screen production arms, have been dead-set on upstaging each other for decades, with the older ABS-CBN arguably being the king of Pinoy TV. The perception that GMA and other networks are but dancing to Channel 2’s whims has been reinforced by Kapuso stars co-starring with Kapamilya counterparts in movies this year and the next. Now GMA long-timer Dennis Trillo has joined in, and he has his own take on the trend.

As has it, Dennis Trillo is indeed being cast on a new movie solely produced by Star Cinema, the filmmaking studio of ABS-CBN. This is a far cry from “You’re Still the One,” his 2015 outing with his home network’s rival studio, in which Star Cinema was co-producing with Regal Films. To concerns that this would eventually mean he might be pirated from GMA by the Kapamilya network, Trillo thinks that that mindset of competitive exclusivity, where a network war is waged like a war, must finally be discredited.

In interview with the Inquirer Dennis says, “There are so many talented artists in this country, and it’s important that they are able to collaborate and learn from each other.” He punctuates this idea with the assertion that boundaries between network talents should finally disappear. Artists, according to Trillo, should no longer be hobbled by contractual fences put up by their networks. “They should be allowed to interact more freely with one another,” he insists. The actor’s opinion might be shaped by his career start at ABS-CBN similar to his girlfriend Jennylyn Mercado, who also debuted in a tele-serye before joining GMA7, and has cousins still active there as well as with third network TV5.

While initially playing minor tele-serye roles as a Kapamilya, Dennis Trillo would become a household name after becoming a Kapuso, with a prominent place in the advent of the “Fanta-serye” genre in the original “Mulawin” series. While he is currently busy promoting his upcoming Regal Films movie, “Mina-Anud” which premieres on August 21, Dennis managed to share info on his future Star Cinema project. It will apparently be a horror film and he will co-star with Beauty Gonzales. This meshes with  Trillo’s excitement at being able to work with talents from outside his home network.

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