Monday, August 12, 2019


Recognition just seems to be coming one after another where KZ Tandingan is concerned. And amazingly, her recent accolades seem to be happening in a sequence. It can be recalled that last year the jazz/R&B inspired OPM recording artist was a contestant in the Chinese reality singing contest “Singer 2018,” where she befriended UK idol singer and fellow competitor Jessie J. It was this meeting that was referenced by BBC Radio’s “The Scene” when they invited KZ late last July. Now her guesting at that radio program has led Tandingan to meet a new big-name fan, none other than a founding judge of “American Idol.”
ABS-CBN News reports that KZ Tandingan had the supreme honor and pleasure last week of meeting and being praised for her talent by Randy Jackson. The 63-year-old music producer and entrepreneur might be more easily remembered as one of the original-generation panel of judges for “American Idol” when it premiered in 2002 on its original home network of Fox. He was part of an iconic trio along with Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell. Jackson had been in initial contact with Ricky Resurreccion, chief of ABS-CBN Global Events for months now, and KZ has been a favorite subject in their discussions.

Finally, Tandingan and Jackson met face to face for the first time last week, with Resurreccion uploading videos of their encounter for posterity on Instagram. The original “American Idol” judge had plenty to say about KZ, especially after getting to watch her perform on “The Scene” for BBC Radio last month. That was one of the things he mentioned to Tandingan, who light-heartedly got on one knee in deference to Jackson. "You are so talented, so talented," Jackson said, describing KZ who in turn was hardly believing that she was talking to him right there.
KZ Tandingan and Randy Jackson spent some time discussing each other’s careers and recent activities, something the singer, who rose to prominence after becoming the first winner of “The X Factor Philippines” on ABS-CBN, was extremely grateful for. "I got to talk to you about my dream and my passion. I learned a lot and heard amazing stories from you!" Tandingan said to Jackson at the end of their talk, further expressing that she was even more excited for the future. On a caption of a photo with her and Jackson on her Instagram page, KZ was still in awe that their meeting actually happened.

Tandingan herself is currently working on some new song recordings in the US, to be tentatively released later this year.
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