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If there is any more solid indicator that Marvel, one of the pillars of American superhero media, and Lucafilms, production studio of the legendary “Star Wars” franchise, are both under the umbrella of entertainment giant Disney, it is the fact that attractions and whole themed areas based on their properties are being developed in the various Disney theme parks around the world. “Star Wars” actually got its expansion area, Galaxy’s Edge, opened in Disneyland Park this May 31. Its deep-immersion presentation and the wide variety of unique merchandise to be had there, has made Galaxy’s Edge a must-visit destination. Perhaps it is too well-visited, if they are short on merchandise.

IGN reports that guests at Disneyland Park are starting to notice that there is not enough cool stuff to be had at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge just over a month after its epic opening. One of the biggest draws promoted by Disneyland about the sci-fi themed area were the many crafted souvenir shops where guests can put together an item from the Galaxy Far, Far Away to take home. When visiting the Droid Depot, for instance, fans might notice that the assemble-your-own-robot workshop is out of components evoking some of the franchise’s famous droids. If a visitor wants to assemble a mini-R2-D2 then there are not enough parts of it.

And then there are the collectibles that are instantly pounced upon that they disappear from shop shelves before anyone knows it. Plush dolls of creatures from the “Star Wars” galaxy, Khyber crystal pieces that are supposed to go into lightsabers, and even the golden dice ornament Han Solo has on his Millennium Falcon are selling better than hotcakes. When a product can be gotten from an open shop, it risks running low on stock. Only Savi’s Workshop, the by-reservation-only assembly store for custom lightsabers, has managed to maintain their materials.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is an evolution in the themed area concept of Disneyland and its sister theme parks. Here the setting is a dynamic and persistent location: an Outer Rim planet inhabited by smugglers and fringe society that is being contested by the Sequel Trilogy’s Resistance and the First Order. All cast members act their characters to the hilt, and the merchandise stores treat themselves as in-universe businesses selling authentic Galaxy products. The fact that souvenir components are running out proves the popularity of Galaxy’s Edge; and their main attraction is not open yet!

Aside from Disneyland in California, a second Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will open this coming August 29 on Disney’s Hollywood Studios, a component theme park of Walt Disney World, Florida. Similar themed areas based on Marvel are in development overseas.

Image courtesy of Deseret News


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