Wednesday, July 24, 2019


A naïve and somewhat youngish perspective of the future, technology-wise, would be lots of cool stuff without considering the intricacies of the hardware and software that might go into realizing that tech application. Last year Samsung teased users with a smartphone that opens up into a tablet – or many a tablet that folds up into a phone. Anyway, the Samsung Galaxy Fold was formally introduced at the start of 2019 then brought back to the drawing board because reviewers noted their showcase units’ touchscreen and folding hinge easily broke down. Samsung announced last month that the hinge problem was solved, but was silent on when the fixed Fold will release.

The Verge tells us that Samsung has publicly reiterated that the Galaxy Fold phone-tablet hybrid that was prematurely introduced finally has its central folding mechanism improved, more than enough that the device can now be released to the market. The alert came Wednesday, July 24, and is almost the same as what they said in June. The major difference is that this time, there is an approximation of a release date and an estimate on how much will be available.

Now, curious buyers can expect the Samsung Galaxy Fold to come out sometime in September, though they will need to check with their retailers and carriers because the release is limited to just a few world markets at that point. The Korean electronics giant went on to explain specific details of their mechanism fix to address the very delicate folding hinge of the device that caused the Galaxy Fold display to malfunction early. Steps included an extension of the protective layer to past the phone bezel, reinforced coverings to better prevent particles from getting inside the hinge, and metal layer reinforcements under the “Infinity Flex” folding touchscreen, just to start.

It had been a moment of embarrassment for Samsung in April 22 when they first announced that the Galaxy Fold will have to be delayed for a quick mechanics fix, going so far as to cancel all preorders for it. That period had been a hectic time for Samsung as they engaged damage control with retailers and mobile carriers, with assurances that no, the Fold was not prematurely killed. It was a far cry at least from the disaster that was the fallout from the fire-prone Galaxy Note 7 from 2016. This time, the Korean company can thank their customers for their patience and support.

If there is a good place for the fixed Samsung Galaxy Fold, it would have to be at the oft-mentioned and ever-nearer unpacking event this August, which would be dominated by the more “basic” Galaxy Note 10 and 10 Pro.

Image courtesy of Samsung Newsroom


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