Wednesday, July 10, 2019

SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10 “Image LEAKS” Confirm Some External Features

At the start of July, Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung made the first teaser of their successor to the Galaxy Note “phablet” series with word of an unpacking event in August. This will be the Note 10, the third model following that one disaster with the Note 7 in 2016 that nearly sunk this phablet line and damaged Samsung’s reputation. As with its predecessors, the Galaxy Note 10 offers some new functionalities of the current year being added to the device for a more powerful experience. The Unpacking Event poster did not show images of the new model, but apparently images of it have been leaked.

The Verge reports that two sources have gotten their hands on official pictures of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, well before it should have been unveiled by the smartphone maker next month. The very identities of these image providers – Ishan Agarwal and Roland Quandt – all but confirm the leaks to be the genuine article, and the color options for these new phablets, especially one choice, are very interesting. Having a basic black Note 10 is pretty much expected, but to have a glossy metallic variant that sort of resembles the default color of the Huawei P30 Pro is quite eyebrow-raising.

In any case, these leaked photos give the first nice look at Samsung’s tenth mainline Galaxy Note device. From the front there is the crisp display and the selfie-camera nestled in a hole-punch centered at the top. Both this side and the edge view give a clear view of Samsung’s favored “curved glass” design. In the back the main camera, with three lenses, gets positioned at the upper left with the flash/light source just to its right. There have also been some notable omissions in the Galaxy Note 10’s exterior.

First, there is no more obvious fingerprint sensor at the back, meaning not only is it in the front but also located in the display and uses an ultrasonic print reader. There also appears to be only two side buttons to the left (when viewing the Note 10 from the front). Speculation on the missing button would have it either be the Power button or the activator for Samsung’s still-iffy Bixby virtual assistant. Other elements that are hard to tell from the photos right now are whether or not the 3.5mm audio jack is still there, and 5G capability. Lastly, rumors of having Galaxy Note 10 phablets of different sizes have not been confirmed or debunked. Perhaps for that, we will need to wait until August 7 and the official Unpacking event for this phablet.

Image from Ishan Agarwal Twitter


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