Tuesday, July 23, 2019


By now, one might be tempted to say that Pinoy super-heroine “Darna” and Liza Soberano in the same sentence is old news. After all, she already bowed out from the casting for the character’s latest film under ABS-CBN months ago, and just last week Jane de Leon has been given the mantle following Angel Locsin and Marian Rivera. But for Soberano, the top priority had been fixing her fractured finger sustained from shooting the ABS-CBN fanta-serye “Bagani,” the reason for her withdrawing from the “Darna” project. This week, following a lengthy period of operations overseas, Liza returned to the Philippines.

ABS-CBN News has it that Liza Soberano was welcomed back to an epic homecoming by her family and Enrique Gil on Monday, July 22, after being away for two and a half months in the US to have her finger-bone fracture operated on. The crux of the welcome was at the Soberano residence which was glitzed into a sparkling party place courtesy of events stylist Gideon Hermosa and major catering service Juan Carlo. Both planner and caterer would share images of the homecoming for Liza on their respective pages on Instagram, showing the actress in white hooded athletic jacket and shoes, and black jogging pants, worn from her return flight.
It was a heartwarming conclusion to the ordeal that began for Liza Soberano in August 2018, when her right pointer finger was fractured during photography for an action sequence in “Bagani.” Following her turning down of the “Darna” role, Soberano went to the US for what had initially been a two-week stay for her operation. Unfortunately the original solution to her fracture led to infection, leading to several more operations that saw her finger being reinforced by a metal skeleton frame. Liza even shared images of her x-rays to Instagram.
Photos on social media show Soberano definitely appreciating the momentous gesture from her loved ones, even accepting a bouquet from Enrique Gil and posing for several “couple pictures” with him. It was merely a continuation of his personal support from the time that he visited her stateside during her operations. There should be nothing to worry about expenses-wise for Liza, whose operations were covered by ABS-CBN. The actress, with a black brace securing her finger, will be taking time to recover before considering any future projects with her mother network.

Image from Gideo Hermosa Instagram


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