Thursday, July 25, 2019

Oregon Residence Used as BELLA SWAN’s HOME in “TWILIGHT” Film Now a Top AIRBNB Rental

It may not be as prominent and rabid as it had been in the decade before, but there would still be an active global fandom for the modest media franchise started by Stephenie Meyer and her book series about a human girl and her “vegetarian” vampire boyfriend. “Twilight” and its sequels in the saga (three more books, four more movies) were a collective smash hit that turned the real-life equivalent of its setting – Forks, Washington – into a tourist destination. The movies however, were filmed just about everywhere in the Pacific Northwest. The Forks home of Bella Swan and her father, for example, was in Oregon. And now said home is listed as an Airbnb location.

USA Today reports that a two-story five bedroom residence in St. Helens, Oregon (not far from Portland), is ready to accommodate a maximum 10-person group of “Twi-Hard” fans of the “Twilight” saga via Airbnb. That is because that house was used in the film adaptations to stand for the Swan residence in the cinematic rendition of constantly-overcast Forks. The home was built during the 1930s and its most previous owners, who have asked fans to stand from the road when taking pictures and video, sold the home last year. The current owners are even bigger Twi-hards and have spruced up the house for Airbnb occupation.

Granted, when Summit Entertainment used the house for filming the first “Twilight” movie, they did a lot of aesthetic improvements to the property, which was retained after production and the 2018 sale. As an Airbnb location, the owners have tried to leave the house and furnishings as depicted in the film, even leaving cardboard standees of Bella Swan (played by Kristen Stewart) and her alternate werewolf love interest Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) at rooms in the house. No Edward standee though, as he tended to stay outside watching Bella sleep.

The St. Helens home, now called the “Twilight Swan House” on Airbnb, was only ever used for location filming on the original movie. For the sequels, the Swan residence interiors were merely on a studio soundstage, but the actual house has been immortalized in the eyes of fans. The Airbnb listing states that a stay at the Twilight Swan house is worth a basic $330 with an added cleaning charge and commission. It can accommodate a group of ten people max with a minimum stay of two nights. About the only hazard in the property are not red-eyed (non-vegetarian) vamps or angry werewolves, but a steep gully at the back that requires caution when viewing.

For more details, visit the listing on the Airbnb website.

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