Tuesday, July 23, 2019


This week, the seventh and final season of prison comedy-drama series “Orange is the New Black” will become available for streaming on its massive mother platform, Netflix. While the misadventures of an inmate in a federal woman’s correctional facility has been supremely delightful online watching since its premiere back in 2013, the fact that its inspiration novel chronicled only a year in prison meant its story will not last very long. With production long over with and only the streaming release is left, memorabilia from the set will soon be making many “OITNB” fans happy, when they are offered for public auction this coming Friday.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix will celebrate the premiere and swan song for “Orange is the New Black” on July 26 with a sweet online auction starting on that same day. No less than 950 individual items from the series production: set props, accessories, even costumes like the “new-black” prison uniforms of Lichtfield Penitentiary are going to be up for grabs for fans with spending money. The items will be available on either eBay or VIP Fan Auctions that will begin on the Season 7 premiere and run for close to two months more.

The release of “OITNB” stuff for the online auctions will be gradual. Every Friday 100 new items from the productions will be introduced. Fans can bid for great swag like Taylor Schilling’s Lichtfield uniform as Piper, the minstrel puppet of Blair Brown’s character Judy King, the inmate ID of Kate Mulgrew as Red Reznikov, that copy of “ReWarden Yourself” by Kip Carnigan, and the “Lasagna in the Oven” pregnancy announcement sign proudly waved by Lorna (Yael Stone), just for starters. The strangeness of the items can vary, from mundane prison lunch trays and utensils, to concealable shivs that look sinister.

In a statement by eBay merchandising VP Sam Bright, he notes that fans of “Orange is the New Black” deserve a chance to keep physical mementos of the concluding show, made possible via the auction. "It's tough to see this series come to an end, but eBay is here for fans that want a reminder of the incredible characters and their onscreen journeys," Bright says while emphasizing that this production prop collection is quite rare and worth the money bid.

“Orange is the New Black” Season 7 will focus on the resumed civilian life of Piper (Schilling) following her release from Lichtfield Penitentiary, and how she can rebuild her world away from the friends she has made on the inside. Do not miss the release of the final chapters of this hit show on Netflix this Friday on July 26.

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