Monday, July 8, 2019


Be it on the small screen or big screen, here have been a lot of instances wherein a production that was left hanging by its original studio or network, would be rescued by another that will finish the work for release. Whether it is a cancelled series or sitcom that gets a new season and lease on life with another network or viewing platform, or a film project that is revitalized by a new studio, the story is the same and can hopefully lead to good things. This is what is being hoped for now with Dwayne Johnson’s “Red Notice” after Universal Pictures bowed out.

As Variety tells it, the action comedy film “Red Notice” may not be going to cinemas, but will become a streaming film after Netflix picked up production from Universal. The movie, starring Dwayne Johnson after “Jumanji: The Next Level” this December, is to be written and directed by Johnson’s collaborator James Rawson Thurber, who he has partnered with on “Central Intelligence” (2016) and “Skyscraper” (2018). Even better, the international streaming giant has lined up an addition to the cast that might be starring opposite The Rock as the lead: “Deadpool” cinematic pioneer Ryan Reynolds himself.

“Red Notice” appears to be a new humor-filled adventure in the vein of “Central Intelligence” judging from its initial blurb. Johnson plays an agent for Interpol assigned to pursue and arrest the world’s most notorious art thief (in Interpol parlance, a red notice is an alert document circulated by the global police cooperation organization, to police agencies to seek and arrest international criminals for extradition). Who would play character that will antagonize Johnson’s over the film is an interesting question. It could be the newly-cast Reynolds or even Gal Gadot, who has already been part of the production since April.

A statement released by James Rawson Thurber regarding the movie’s new studio in Netflix reveals that he is “beyond thrilled” at the news, describing the streaming service as “a company that believes in filmmakers and big ideas for a global audience.” There appears to be no further obstacles towards developing “Red Notice” at this point, with a formidable team of producers attached to it like Dany and Hiram Garcia, Beau Flynn as in “Skyscraper,” and Thurber himself. It will be executively produced by Scott Sheldon. Johnson himself is set to get a paycheck worth $20 million from this new film.

Universal had originally taken on the “Red Notice” production after noting Johnson’s success on “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” under Sony Pictures back in 2017. Principal photography on this project will not start until 2020.

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