Wednesday, July 17, 2019

LEAKED Images of SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB S6 Ahead of Unpacking Event

As the big Unpacking Event by the Korean mobile device manufacturing giant Samsung for August draws near, some strategically-timed leaks of images for the new gadgets that would be officially unveiled then are already circulating on social media. During that time we got the first look at the Galaxy Note 10 phablet, with one of its color options being similar to Huawei’s P30 Pro. Now, another leak has confirmed one other Samsung device making it public debut. It is yet another Galaxy Tab, just shortly after the ultra-thin Tab S5e came out. The Galaxy Tab S6 is coming, and it has got that weird feature which will intrigue longtime Apple users.

The Verge reports that official images of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 have been leaked online, with the revelation that this too will be included in the Unpacking Event presentation next month along with the Galaxy Note 10. These were shared in turn by Android Headlines, all fairly good-quality pictures seeing the devices in its initial offering of color schemes, plus other external features that would be easily noticeable. Samsung also apparently went straight to the S6 designation, leaving the S5e as the only Galaxy Tab of that number.

Rear views of the Tab S6 also confirm the speculation that there is no slot to insert the stylus when not in use. Instead, the flattened S-Pen will now magnetically attach to the back plate (in a convenient recession so it does not stick out much) where it can recharge wirelessly. Four speakers are mounted by pairs on opposite sides, top and bottom (when in landscape), with USB-C port and no headphone audio jack as feared. The main camera is a dual setup, allegedly with a standard and wide-angle sensor.

Naturally, there are POGO pins on one side where either a charging dock or optional tablet keyboard can be connected to. There is even an image of a Galaxy Tab S6-use cover that features a kickstand mechanism to support the tablet itself when the keyboard is in use, similar to the Microsoft Surface. All in all, the S6 appears to be blending what features were liked by users from the Tab S4 last 2018 and the S5e earlier this year. The colors being offered by Samsung for this new tablet are gray, a light shade of blue and pinkish gold.

The remaining capabilities of the Galaxy Tab S6 that have been rumored but not observed in these image leaks are Bluetooth, wireless tablet charging, in-display fingerprint sensor, screen size and the internal hardware. For that we must wait for the August 7 Unpacking Event, which is really shaping up to be an epic device presentation.

Images: 9to5Google and SlashGear


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