Sunday, July 7, 2019

Latest LIZA SOBERANO Finger SURGERY Successful; Actress Shares X-RAY Images

A significant setback in the long-percolating production of ABS-CBN’s upcoming “Darna” superhero film had been the lack of an available lead actress. From its earliest days the studio has been expecting then-newly “returned” Kapamilya actress Angel Locsin (who portrayed the Mars Ravelo character for GMA7 before), and then later on Liza Soberano. Both prospective stars left the production on account of injuries, with the latter sidelined by a finger-bone fracture sustained from shooting the 2018 ABS-CBN fanta-serye “Bagani.” While initially sounding less serious, following a successful surgery over the weekend, Soberano shared images of her finger on social media, underlining the severity of her injury.

According to ABS-CBN News, Liza Soberano made an update on her current condition this Saturday, July 6, after the surgery that reinforced her right pointer finger which had its bone fractured during production for “Bagani.” Her Instagram page now features a photograph of her ex-ray printout showing her finger, which now contains a metal brace to provide the necessary support in place of her fracture bone. She warned on the caption that her post had graphic content, and it was. Furthermore, Soberano also explained that despite the metal brace, her right pointer finger will no longer be able to move like it originally used to.

“Caution: Graphic Content,” so started Liza’s Instagram caption. "Finally done with my last procedure in hopes of fixing my finger…Unfortunately, it will never function the same way again but at least it's there!" The x-rays she featured showed her right hand in profile and from palm down. Viewed from above, the brace implanted inside Soberano’s finger look like a line of metal balls, but from profile, it shows a series of braces serving like a cage of sorts to support the bones on her pointer.

As already stated, the unfortunate finger-bone injury sustained by Liza Soberano on TV shooting meant she had to bow out of being Angel Locsin’s successor to the role of Darna for the film being produced by Star Cinema. Initial surgery had a metal plate installed on her finger. Unfortunately this solution led to a bone infection that slowed her recovery. The initial plate was removed in a surgery Liza undertook in Los Angeles last May. The rest of her surgeries were also performed stateside, with Soberano briefly experiencing heightened anxiety before the successful procedure in the previous weekend. According to her doctors, the actress will need two weeks of recovery before returning to the Philippines.

Image courtesy of CNN Philippines


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