Monday, July 1, 2019

KATHRYN-ALDEN Cross-Network Pairing Develops in New “HELLO, LOVE, GOODBYE” TRAILER

ABS-CBN Films and Star Cinema are at the spearhead of the ongoing celebration of 100 Years of Philippine Cinema, when the Filipino motion picture industry turns its first century. One of their leading productions to that effect is the mid-year romantic comedy with the cross-network pairing of GMA7’s Alden Richards and their very own Kathryn Bernardo, along with the simmering gossip that this is a prelude to the former being enticed to jump networks. In any case the first teaser for “Hello, Love, Goodbye” last month was well-received. Now a newly-released follow-up trailer is really selling the alternative “Kathden” pairing.

As ABS-CBN News tells us, Star Cinema has indeed uploaded a new preview of “Hello, Love, Goodbye” on their official YouTube channel. If anybody has been eager to see more of the acting dynamics between Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards on their first outing as a romantic pair, then this is the trailer to see. It also expands upon the storyline already revealed thus far, of a love between two Overseas Filipino Workers in Hong Kong. To elaborate, it casts in a different light the abrupt declaration of love made by Kathryn’s character to Alden’s.

The trailer begins with a tranquil setting sequence of Hong Kong – currently in the news for not-so-peaceful reasons – and a narration by Joy (Bernardo) about her life circumstances. She is only in HK to work and earn money for her family back home, and she will eventually inevitably leave. Ethan (Richards) works as a bartender and seems well-adjusted already to living in HK. When he sees Joy in his bar for the first time, he gets interested and gives her a complimentary drink. She is not receptive, and that only spurs Ethan to court her.

When during an enthusiastic stroll, Ethan muses that the next time he meets a girl he does not like he would profess his love at once to squeak her into going away. That is why Joy tells him “I love you” as in the first teaser. The more time they spend together, the more the two harp on each other’s lifestyles – Joy giving herself to work, Ethan slacking off when not on duty. She keeps firing off “I love U’s” Ethan’s way to make him tire of her. He does not. Ultimately the requisite rom-com argument scene in this trailer reveals Joy has fallen for Ethan but also resents him for making her conflicted over returning to her family and staying with him in HK.

“Hello, Love, Goodbye” also stars Maymay Entrata, Joross Gamboa, and Cacai Bautista. Thanks to its first teaser and social media blitzes from its lead stars, the film is a trending topic on Twitter, well ahead of its premiere July 31.

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