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It has been around a week now since the conclusion of the 2019 San Diego Comic Con (SDCC). Despite the passing of time, it probably still is easy to recall all of the good bits from that event, namely the teasers, trailers and previews of what is to come later this year or the next. One of the biggest panels in that regard is, obviously, Marvel Studios when they charted the upcoming Phase 4 of the MCU franchise.  Studio head Kevin Feige also promised more movies, including for “Fantastic 4” and “X-Men” too. But they made no mention of “Deadpool.”

Well if there is no official word on future developments for the R-rated “X-Men” spinoff from 20th Century Fox following its Disney acquisition, fans can leave it to the lead star and pioneering developer to think of something. As Comic Book Resources tells it, Ryan “Deadpool” Reynolds has decided to have a little fun at the studios’ expenses by dropping his own social media tease Sunday, July 28, referencing the genesis of the first film and fueling speculation that his character, R-rated he might be, might still be part of the “all-ages” MCU movie release schedule, possibly during “Phase 5.”

Reynolds shared a hilariously thought-up prop photo on his Instagram account showing a corkboard with photos of random celebrities and paper clippings, connected with string in a stereotypical conspiracy theory diagram. The conspiracy question: Who might have leaked the 2012 test footage developed by Reynolds and director Tim Miller of the Deadpool character in an action sequence on a roadway? The concept video was supposed to be shown to 20th Century Fox higher-ups for approval, but the public leak in 2014 generated fanatically positive reaction that the studio gave the project a green light for 2016, R rating and all.
While the photo makes for a good laugh in itself, it is Ryan Reynolds’ caption that sells his joke. He notes that the leak which realized the 2016 “Deadpool” movie under 20th Century Fox happened in 2014. It has been five years now, or as the actor describes it in his commentary, “Phase 5.” Granted, the MCU Phase 4 range supposedly begins next year with “Black Widow” and ends 2021 with “Thor: Love and Thunder.” Kevin Feige’s promises of “Fantastic 4” and “X-Men” have no Phase attached, and as an “X-Men” spinoff, “Deadpool” will not be far behind that. Is this a Reynolds joke or does he know something the rest of the fandom don’t?

The Deadpool character was first depicted in live-action cinema for “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” (2009), also played by Ryan Reynolds but with an altered backstory.  The 2016 film and its 2018 sequel are more comic-accurate in their depiction. Deadpool’s place in the MCU has been one of the major questions following Disney’s 20th Century Fox acquisition.

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