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The hit HBO series based on his unfinished book series has already concluded this year (using only plot notes he provided to cobble together what fans consider a subpar conclusion). As for the books of his “Song of Ice and Fire,” it has been roughly eight years since “A Dance with Dragons” was published in 2011, without hide nor hair spotted of the follow-up “The Winds of Winter,” much less “A Dream of Spring.” But George R.R. Martin has many other responsibilities other than finishing those books, co-developing things like a new videogame and a prequel to “Game of Thrones.”

As IGN tells us, “A Song of Ice and Fire” author George R.R. Martin shared some details about the spinoff to HBO’s medieval fantasy series “Game of Thrones” that concluded in May. It is tentatively titled “The Long Night,” similar to Episode 3 of the final Season 8 months ago, although Martin remarked that he is partial to a hearsay proposal that it could be “The Longest Night.” The title is a reference to the lore of the ASOIAF setting, particularly for the continent of Westeros where the original series and this spinoff take place.

Martin notes that the “Seven Kingdoms” of Westeros that were united by the Iron Throne in the 300-year backstory of mainline “Game of Thrones” are really all that are left of a multitude of petty realms that have been waging constant wars against one another. During the distant past timeline of “The Long Night” the creator notes there could be at around 100 little realms. In those days the rare direwolves are still common in the North, as are the long-lined family that stood as the primary protagonists of “Thrones”: House Stark. Also present are giant mammoths and, further north, the icy and sinister White Walkers, or Others as they are called in the books.

What is being called “The Long Night” is but one of at least four prequel shows to “Game of Thrones” proposed to HBO as early as 2017. In George R.R. Martin’s estimate, three of those series are proceeding nicely from conception into deeper development, “The Long Night” among them. This show, said to be set five millennia before the events of “ASOIAF/Thrones” already has Naomi Watts and Josh Whitehouse in leading roles, plus eight additional cast members. A pilot will be directed by S.J. Clarkson. Production could start later this summer, with a pilot premiere by 2020 according to HBO.

While the Starks are confirmed for “The Long Night,” Martin notes their “Game of Thrones” antagonist, House Lannister, has yet to form. He cites the possibility of the lore concerning their origins (Lannister founder Lann the Clever stealing the mountain-castle of Casterly Rock from House Casterly) being adapted in the prequel, but offers no guarantee.

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