Monday, July 15, 2019

EARTHQUAKE of Magnitude 6.1 Near BALI, East Java Damages Temples and Homes, Causes Hotel EVACUATIONS

Just a week after the little earthquake that disturbed Mindanao on a Monday evening, and not even long after the Sunday tremor that struck the Moluccas islands of Indonesia, the country was once again rocked by a seismological disturbance just a short distance away from its busiest tourist destination. According to ABS-CBN News, the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC) the undersea quake was registered at magnitude 6.1 early on Tuesday, July 16, due south of Bali. The internationally famous resort island was rocked by the vibrations, along with the neighboring areas of Lombok and East Java.

While there have been no reported casualties in the brief quake, the shaking did inflict some property and monumental damage to homes at Banyuwangi, East Java and historic temple sites at Bali. These were confirmed by photos shared by the Indonesian national disaster agency which were shared on social media. Fortunately, as the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii has determined, the sea earthquake – which occurred 100 km down and 102 km southwest away from Denpasar in Bali - was not strong enough to cause a tsunami, something that Indonesians must be relieved to know, considering how past tsunamis have easily devastated some of their seaside communities and cost lives.

The tremor shook hotel buildings in Bali and in some cases caused evacuations to be done. But all in all it was much less harrowing than the magnitude 7.2 quake last July 14 in the Moluccas. At least two people were killed by collapsing structures, and a further 2,000 residents of the islands were forced to transfer to temporary shelters. As with the earthquake this Tuesday, the seismic disturbance did not trigger any tsunamis, although it did spur other Indonesians in the Moluccas to move to higher ground since Sunday. These episodes are but the norm for Indonesia and the Philippines, two countries located in the Pacific Ring of Fire.

Image from The Straits Times


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