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Ask any Disney fan what the most successful animated series remake on television is nowadays, and they will likely put forth the “Ducktales” reboot, launched in 2017, against any other re-imaginings on broadcast, cable and streaming to date. The original series launched in 1987, and would eventually become part of the iconic Disney Afternoon syndicated block along with so many other hit cartoon series. The new “Ducktales” have started planting the seeds of a shared setting with reboots of its fellow DA shows similar to the MCU. They have one series connected in “Darkwing Duck” this season 2. Season 3 promises more of them.

Comic Book Resources has it that the newest additions to the cast of the “Ducktales” remake as of the upcoming Season 3 have been revealed over the weekend at the 2019 San Diego Comic Con. It was part of the Disney panel showcasing their programming lineup for the rest of this year and the next. “Ducktales” is currently on a midpoint break for its season 2, and a radical teaser for the latter half was also part of the panel previews. But the new characters were the ones to steal the show for fans, no question.

Finished line art for the additional “Ducktales” personalities in Season 3 were shared at the time, and it seems the production team and show-runners are planning on integrating the classic Disney Afternoon block into the series to create a whole universe. A teaser poster shared by Disney to Entertainment Weekly shows characters from no less than “Talespin,” “Goof Troop” and “Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers” joining Scrooge McDuck and the gang in Duckburg and beyond. Also added were supporting characters for “Darkwing Duck,” the lead character of which was shown in the Season 2 midpoint episode “The Duck Knight Rises” this May. Finally, Donald Duck’s classic love interest Daisy has also been revealed coming soon.

But before “Ducktales” reaches its third season, it must complete the second one first. The featured preview paints a climax that is both adventurous and ominous. Donald Duck has been imprisoned by the Moon People who prepare their invasion of Earth. Scrooge must also deal with the ultimate super-villain team-up when Glomgold allies with Magica De Spell, Mark Beaks, the Beagle Boys and Don Karnage for an epic new battle that is but a prelude to global calamity. Can Scrooge pull through, or will he ultimately, epically, fail? And when is Donald Duck coming back?

“Ducktales” Season 2 will resume later this year on Disney Channel and XD, with Season 3 reasonably starting in 2020.

Images: and Entertainment Weekly


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