Thursday, July 11, 2019

DISNEY Recalling “TOY STORY 4” Merchandise Due to CHOKING HAZARD

When Disney and Pixar released “Toy Story 4” last month, most of the earlier criticism of the 3d-animated film over its supposed superfluous existence following the emotional “Toy Story 3” back in 2010 was somehow overcome. This was due to several factors, being the surprising emotional storyline, as well as the introduction of interesting new characters. One in particular is Forky, a doll made primarily out of a plastic spork and garbage that pushed the elements on what made a toy alive. Disney knew the character would be a hit and made merchandise of him. Unfortunately these products are being recalled barely a month later.

According to Comic Book Resources Disney has issued a general recall of around 80,000 “Toy Story 4” branded plushies of Forky due to a reported choking hazard in its construction. Pursuant to this, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued an advice to parents that have bought the tie-in plushie to have them immediately returned to whichever Disney retailers or Disney theme parks they have originally purchased them from. The Disney Company has assured buyers that they will be provided full refunds upon the return of the potentially harmful “Toy Story 4” Forky toys.

In a post on Twitter, Disney Parks remarked that they are prioritizing the safety of their guests that may have bought their Forky plushies from the theme parks’ stores. They are thus calling on these consumers to either return their purchases to the park merchandise stores or to any Disney Store retail outlets throughout North America for an immediate refund of the selling price. For buyers that cannot conveniently return to the place where they purchased Forky, they have also provided contact numbers and email addresses where they can ask for instructions on getting refunds.

The official plush doll for Forky from “Toy Story 4” is manufactured in China, stands at 11 inches tall, and features a stable base to stand on, stringy arms that can be posed freely, and mismatched googly eyes just like how Bonnie assembled the toy in the film. There, the eyes of Forky (voiced by Tony Hale) have a frequent tendency to fall off due to being improperly glued on. These same eyes on the plushie present the choking hazard that Disney is trying to correct. Apparently the Chinese manufacturer did not securely sew the eyes to the plush body.

“Toy Story 4” as of this week has netted for Disney-Pixar a (relatively) massive domestic box office haul of $317 in the US and Canada, plus $345.8 million internationally for a global total $662.8 million.

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