Friday, July 5, 2019


In Philippine show business there are a lot of celebrities who are of the mind to make themselves “renaissance people,” or those who strive to do many different things and be good at them all. One need only be reminded of actor Matteo Guidicelli who went out of his way to get military training and be qualified as an Army Scout Ranger, the first Filipino civilian to do so. An earlier example would be Anne Curtis, who added singing to her talent repertoire in 2011, even getting several albums and concerts under her belt. She is also a marathon runner, and in that regard she has a new challenge waiting. reports that Anne Curtis has been accepted to participate in the Tokyo Marathon next year. This marathon is but one of six events total in the World Marathon Majors (WMM). She has already participated in two components of the WMM, the 2016 New York Marathon and the 2018 London Marathon, both of which she finished from start to goal. The 2020 Tokyo Marathon will be her third participation in a major international marathon event, something that she excitedly shared on social media this Thursday.

“Confirmed! I’m in! I’ll be doing the Tokyo Marathon in 2020!” Curtis wrote excitedly on her Twitter page, as she announced her third outing for the World Marathon Majors. By this point the only component marathons of the WMM that she has yet to compete in (aside from Tokyo next year) are the ones held in the US cities of Boston and Chicago, and the capital of Germany, Berlin. Curtis began her international marathon participation as a development of her celebrity advocacy for UNICEF Philippines, with her donating what donations she might receive for charity.

Anne Curtis’ fundraising method as done in the 2018 London Marathon involved her challenging her supporters on social media to donate P2,000 for every kilometer she will run in the race. An average marathon has a course length of 42, thus setting a fundraising goal of P84,000. Upon finishing the marathon, Curtis donated the raised donations for the benefit of the children from war-torn Marawi, still far from recovery after the 2017 battle against insurgents aligned with ISIS that have seized control of the city. The same fundraising activity is expected for Curtis’ Tokyo Marathon run, though she has yet to declare what charity will benefit from her newest endeavor.

The 34-year-old singer-actress has also not mentioned if she will strive to compete in all the other Marathons of the WMM in future dates. A runner who has completed each race at least once will receive a special “Six-Star Finisher” award from the marathon organizers.

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