Monday, June 24, 2019

Upcoming “BTS WORLD” Mobile Game App Makes YOU BTS’ Talent Manager

When it comes to K-Pop in the US, Americans would consider boy band BTS to be one of the biggest faces (if not the faces) of the Korean music industry today, the way PSY had been in 2012-13 (for obvious reasons). Having thrilled stateside audiences on a wide scale as late as this May on “Good Morning America,” the 7-man band of clean-faced Korean hotties has been conquering one new ground after another. Now they are set to stake their own corner of the mobile gaming scene with their first ever game app. Have you ever wonder what it would be like to manage BTS?

Soon the BTS fandom ARMY will get the chance to chart the course of their hot K-Pop boy band with “BTS World,” a new mobile gaming experience brought to the world by globally known Korean mobile developer Netmarble. According to Billboard the game will be a virtual simulator, putting players in the role of talent manager for BTS when they are still new on the music scene, and changing the course of their in-game careers forever with their possible choices. The beauty part is that the septet are not locked into being a boy band in the game story, and can pursue “What If?” alternative paths through the player’s decisions.

To really sell the authenticity of the BTS experience with “BTS World,” the actual K-Pop group provided an astounding 10,000 photos and 100 video clips all exclusive to the game. These images and footage will comprise in-game “communication” between the band and their talent manager/the player. 

A Netmarble spokesperson notes that there is a lot of content in the app to keep the BTS ARMY hooked. “You’ll see with all the interactions that you get to see a glimpse of [the members’] actual personalities,” he says. “While some of the stories may be fictional to some degree, they are based on their personalities, the things that they've said, and what is true to how they speak and how they feel about things.” Some unlockable stuff for “BTS World” will even feature development clips showing the boys behind the scenes shooting content for the game app.

In addition to guiding the game-version BTS through the music world (or outside of it), players will also be able to style the BTS avatars. Samples of in-game decisions include setting the band’s diet plan and concert schedules, among others.

Netmarble has established itself internationally with several game apps licensed under the Disney media umbrella: Marvel Future Fight (2015), Disney Magical Dice (2016), and Star Wars: Force Arena (2017). They are also a major stakeholder in Big Hit Entertainment, the agency that handles BTS itself. “BTS World” will release for iOS and Android June 26.

Image courtesy of Netmarble


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