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SARAH G Photographed Visiting MATTEO GUIDICELLI during His SCOUT RANGER Training

Considering ongoing tensions that pose a threat to the Philippines both domestically and internationally, it is natural for the Armed Forces (AFP) to develop a cadre of reserve corps that might be called on in times of extreme crisis for the country. Being a military reservist has also been an attractive prospect for celebrities. Manny Pacquiao is a particularly famous example, and he has held reserve officer ranks after being elected to Congress. Recently, army reservist Matteo Guidicelli also decided to aim higher with his status by receiving training as an Army Scout Ranger, going on a showbiz hiatus to do so. His girlfriend Sarah Geronimo then decided to pay him a visit this week.

ABS-CBN News has it that Philippine Pop-R&B Princess Sarah G went with family members of her boyfriend Matteo Guidicelli to San Miguel, Bulacan. There he is currently undergoing the Army Scout Ranger leadership development course at Camp Tecson. Photos of Sarah and Matteo, accompanied by the latter’s parents and younger siblings, plus fellow Scout Rangers at the camp, found their way to the DiploMATTS official fan club of the ABS-CBN heartthrob, and posted on their Instagram page last week. What remains ambiguous was the timeframe when the pictures were taken.

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Although Matteo, age 29, joined the Philippine Army Reserve Command this April, he was inspired to undergo the leadership development course to become a qualified Scout Ranger later on, following a visit and conversation with 1st Scout Ranger Regiment commander Brig. Gen Wilson Gonzales. Thus far he has been the only Army reservist to request enlistment in the LDC. His show of volunteerism has been praised by Maj. Gen. Cirilito Sobejana, who said it was a sign of the Italian-Filipino Guidicelli’s patriotism. Matteo’s maternal grandfather was the late Marcelo Fernan, former Senator and Chief Justice.

Matteo Guidicelli’s leadership development course will span a period of 30 days since starting early June. He will learn advanced special-operations skills and combat leadership during the training alongside Scout Ranger trainees from the Philippine Military Academy Class that will graduate in 2021. Prior to joining the Army Reserve Matteo has also been part of the Philippine Coast Guard Auxilliary since March, giving him a more varied background experience in the country’s armed forces reserve. Sarah Geronimo, whom Guidicelli has been in a relationship with since 2014, has been fully supportive of his reservist endeavors.

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