Wednesday, June 19, 2019


When it comes to discussing what more can smartphones do, some manufacturers have proposed the idea of a folding touchscreen, enabling devices to “unfold” from phone to tablet mode. A number of companies have gone into developing what was initially the “fabled” folding phone, with South Korean electronics giant Samsung introducing their Galaxy Fold earlier this year. Units that were sent to reviewers managed to impress, at first. But then the complex and delicate hinge system that protects the folding LCD touchscreen started failing, leading to Samsung recalling the review phones and indefinitely suspending the Galaxy Fold release. Apparently now, the device is market-ready again.

Tech Crunch tells us that Samsung may be confident that their refurbishing of the Galaxy Fold phone-tablet may be satisfactorily completed. This week in June, two months passed the original release date of the folding-screen smartphone, the Korean tech giant was present at a digital event held in Seoul. There, the company’s vice president for Samsung Display, Kim Seong-cheol, announced to the audience that they may have resolved the display issues which plagued the first review units of the Galaxy Fold. To that end, they are confident that the Samsung Galaxy Fold can soon be re-launched to the global market.

It should be recalled that Samsung was quick to recall the Galaxy Fold after reviewers found their test units’ folding displays and joints having technical difficulties with only a short period of repeated use. Some industry experts have compared the pre-release debacle of the first mass-market folding smartphone to the Korean electronic manufacturer’s prior embarrassment, the Galaxy Note 7. Released in 2016, the phablet became notorious for its easily over-heated batteries, which were prone to ignite due to a manufacturing defect. An initial recall and replacement of units failed after the swapped Note 7’s also exhibited the same symptoms as the original batch. Samsung discontinued the model after two months.

Of course, Samsung knows that they have the lead when it comes to introducing a working folding smartphone, so even if they were quick to put off the release following the reviewer complaints, they would also work fast to iron out the tech problems in order to get the device out to buyers. Chinese rival Huawei had unveiled its Mate X foldable in roughly the same time as the Samsung Galaxy Fold with a June 2019 release date, but has also postponed until September to check up on its hardware.
Kim Seong-cheol’s announcement of the Galaxy Fold’s readiness is not considered to be an official statement of Samsung. As to when specifically the revamped folding device will be released in comparison to Huawei, the Korean giant has yet to talk.

Image courtesy of Business Insider


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