Wednesday, June 5, 2019


In many of its international versions, the globally franchised reality show “Big Brother” can often be perceived by audiences as TV-viewable “soft porn.” There have been quite a lot of contestants for these editions who have engaged in intimacy in sight of the cameras of their respective Big Brother House. Such blatant displays would never fly in the local version, “Pinoy Big Brother” on ABS-CBN. Even speaking about such things – especially the negative connotations – can have some heavy consequences with “Kuya.” One needs only to look at the case of a “PBB Otso” housemate that was forcibly evicted due to bad jokes, although his departure was also significantly contested online.

CNN Philippines reports that reactions are widely varying on the forced eviction meted by Kuya on “Otso” contestant Banjo Dangalan, on account of a rape-related joke he cracked in one episode that left his housemates reeling. Dangalan, aged 27, had already been called out by Big Brother for his off-putting habit of sniffing the hair of the female contestants on the show, but his comments on breakfast about taking advantage of a sleeping male housemate, Gino Roque, sent his housemates fleeing from the table. Not long afterwards, Big Brother summoned him to the Confession Room.

To say that Kuya was not amused would be an understatement. Nevertheless, despite slapping Dangalan with the forced eviction from the PBB House he had assured the errant contestant that he thought he was not a bad person, and to think of his elimination from competition in “PBB Otso” as a lesson to learn from. When he broke the news to his housemates, the male ones, including Roque the target of his bad joke, sympathized with him and asked in vain for Big Brother to let him stay. Even the females, squeaked out earlier by Dangalan’s remarks, were also puzzling if they were being “oversensitive.”

The fact that the housemates felt bad about the fate of Banjo Dangalan despite the bad taste of his remarks and earlier indiscretions have fueled the discussion of Filipino netizens in social media regarding this latest development on “Pinoy Big Brother Otso.” While there were Twitter posts that praised the program for making clear that no ill-colored remarks or actions were unpunished among the housemates, there were also a notable number of tweets that felt a forced eviction was disproportionate. 

The “PBB Otso” official Facebook page also got plenty of arguments regarding the incident and its resolution. Voices defending Dangalan groused that if the evicted housemate had been more conventionally attractive, then his rape jokes would have been considered humor. Banjo Dangalan is the second “Otso” housemate to be forcibly evicted from the PBB House. “Pinoy Big Brother Otso” airs every evening, for seven days a week only on ABS-CBN.

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