Friday, June 28, 2019

NINTENDO Reveals New “POKÉMON MASTERS” Mobile App Coming this SUMMER

When Nintendo and The Pokémon Company gave the go-ahead to mobile developer Niantic for “Pokémon Go,” it was a testing of the waters and a leap of faith. This endeavor would take the successful handheld game franchise and make it widely available to mobile gamers worldwide. The 2016 debut of the app smashed all expectations. And although the current player-base is smaller compared to the early days, the longevity of a mobile “Pokémon” videogame was proven. Now, Nintendo is teaming up with another developer to bring the wonder of “catching ‘em all” to a new audience with a new app.

IGN tells us that “Pokémon Masters,” a new mobile app based on the iconic monster-catching game franchise, is soon to release later this summer. “Masters” is being developed by Japanese mobile game company DeNA, which already has a sizable library of titles from various franchises in their country and the US. That includes popular Nintendo apps like “Super Mario Run” and “Fire Emblem Heroes.” Fan interest in “Pokémon Masters” is already high due to the game featuring a great many memorable characters of the franchise, both from the original videogames and also from the long-running anime series, all mixed together.

The general plot for “Masters” concerns all the famous Pokémon trainers, gym leaders and masters from the Pokémon world being invited to a grand battle royal tournament in the new region of Pasio. Players will have control over creating a Pokémon battling team composed of about three “sync pairs” – a famous franchise human character and their signature Pokémon partner. Examples include videogame hero Red (the basis of anime hero Ash Ketchum) and Charizard, or Cerulean Gym leader Misty from Kanto region with her Starmie. The launch of the app will start with a possible 65 sync pairs available to recruit via rolling, a mobile staple.

Unlike the traditional turn-based combat system of most “Pokémon” games, this one will have versus matches of teams with three sync pairs each, battling each other in real-time. Both player and AI foes will be moving and using attacks at the same time, requiring perfect timing to both evade and land attacks. The trainer halves of the sync pairs can then be commanded to use items to heal and support their partner Pokémon, and the overall goal is, as usual, to be the very best that no one ever was.

There have been a slew of new Pokémon-related apps announced by Nintendo as far back as last month. “Pokémon Masters” is only the latest addition, slated for summer 2019. It is described as a free game with optional in-app purchases, and will be available for both Android and iOS devices.

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