Wednesday, June 26, 2019


Once, all media were separate. Films were shown for one run in cinemas and can only be viewed repeatedly on home video and eventual TV airing. TV programs were usually one-shots barring reruns and video releases for ongoing series. Then Netflix popularized digital streaming, and studios and networks clamored to put their choice content on its library and those of other platforms. But such an arrangement was not going to last. With each network and studio starting to build up their own exclusive streaming services, the once-varied Netflix content has begun to be whittled down, the latest being “The Office.”

USA Today has it that the hit NBC sitcom “The Office,” which ran nine seasons from 2005 to 2013, will soon be removed by its network creator from Netflix. Judging from the mass pullout of content in recent years from former major providers like Disney, that can only mean one thing. NBC, through its parent NBCUniversal and its parent Comcast, is launching its own exclusive digital streaming platform, this being announced back in January. The well-loved sitcom starring Steve Carell will become one of the crown jewels of this service, which will run NBC programs plus its own crop of outside content from other providers.

A statement by Universal Television president Pearlena Igbokwe this Tuesday, June 25, says, "The Office is one of our most prized series." Her sentiment is echoed by NBCUniversal direct-consumer and digital-service chief Bonnie Hammer, who adds that “The Office” is already established as a pop-culture staple due to still drawing viewers years after its original NBC TV run. “We can’t wait to welcome the gang from Dunder Mifflin to NBCUniversal’s new streaming service,” she declares. The media giant expects to have the sitcom pulled from Netflix by the year 2021.

In what has become a routine reaction after many of its original providers have removed their contents to their own streaming services, Netflix made a plain social announcement of “The Office” departing their platform. They encouraged fans to continue watching the show ad-free until the final cutoff date of January 2021. And it is not as if they were losing much in a way. Netflix has an exclusive original workplace sitcom in development, with Steve Carell starring and Greg Daniels producing, both from “The Office.” The show, called “Space Force,” is described as a humorous look into the lives of staff for the space-based military branch proposed by President Trump.

“The Office” is currently stated to be the most viewed individual series on any mobile device, with NBC tracking about 52 billion minutes worth of views for the show’s episodes across nine seasons from TV.

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