Tuesday, June 18, 2019

LUCIO TAN’s Daughter Becomes PAL O-I-C Following RETIREMENT of COO

When the country’s national flag carrier Philippine Airlines is mentioned, those with even the smallest business knowledge would automatically connect the company to Lucio Tan, one of the wealthiest men in the Philippines. While his name is the most prominent in the entire organization due to his position as chairman and CEO, he also has members of his family in key positions. That is why following the sudden retirement of PAL’s current president and chief operating officer (COO), Tan’s daughter now finds herself in position to assume a greater degree of leadership in the company her father led for years.

Inquirer.net reports that Vivienne Tan, daughter of Philippine Airlines boss Lucio Tan, is being appointed as officer-in-charge of the flag carrier. This comes at the heels of COO Jaime Bautista announcing that he was retiring from the company in order to spend more time with his family. The 62-year-old Bautista had submitted his resignation letter directly to the elder Tan, who has accepted it. Vivienne Tan’s shuffle as PAL OIC was revealed to Inquirer.net via officials in the organization, as the national airline has yet to release any official statement pertaining to the Bautista’s departure.

Bautista had actually already gone into semi-retirement years ago. But in 2014, following Tan’s gaining full control of the airline by reacquiring the stake of the San Miguel group he called Bautista back into active duty as chief operating officer. PAL insiders intimate that Bautista has already been planning to take his final bow from the company in order to spend more time as a family man. Following his submission of resignation to his boss, Bautista then went to attend the Paris Air Show in Europe, where Inquirer.net was able to get in touch with him for comments on the course of events within PAL.

Vivienne Tan has certainly got some executive savvy of her own that her father Lucio Tan would entrust her with the responsibilities of the outgoing Jaime Bautista. In early June, she brokered a collective bargaining agreement with the PAL Employees Association (Palea) labor union that is good for five years. This step ensures that the Palea-affiliated employees, comprising 11% of the 6,829 strong airline workforce will stand with the company even as it continues its rebranding initiative and updating its air fleet. Thus far, PAL has been adding new state-of-the-art airliners to its fleet, with single aisles and wide bodies.

The national flag carrier’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. In 2018 the London airline survey firm Skytrax named Philippine Airlines the second most-improved global airline. Most recently, AirlineRatings.com from Australia has also voted for PAL as the world’s most improved airline for the year 3019.

Image courtesy of Inquirer – Lifestyle


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