Wednesday, June 26, 2019


It would seem 2019 is the time for some major multi-season series to finally wrap up their storylines. The most prominent example of that had been HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” which started in 2011 with some early-teen supporting cast members, who were well into being young adults (and main cast) by the time the medieval fantasy show completed its eighth and final season earlier this year. Soon, another hit series, this time on streaming, will see its gripping storyline of women’s prison life come to a close. “Orange is the New Black” on Netflix is set to premiere its seventh and last season next month.
CNN tells us that Netflix has put up its first trailer for the conclusion of “Orange is the New Black,” the award-winning streaming series based on the real-life memoir by Piper Kiernan. It picks up from the ending of season 6 where Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) is finally released from the privately-run Lichtfield Penitentiary for women. The trailer goes to great lengths to explore Piper’s experience in freedom after what she feels has been a whole other life spent behind bars. It also looks into the lives of the inmates – friends or otherwise – that Piper left behind after her release.

As expected of media depictions of newly-released convicts, it can be seen from the trailer that Piper has a lot of trouble adjusting to being in the outside again. She gets pushed around in a crowd of pedestrians. But some things do not seem to change, like when she must submit a urine sample for her medical prior to getting a new job. One stinging part for her is the fact that people know she is an ex-con. While present at an archery demonstration, the moment the instructor gives Piper the composite bow to examine, she gets asked by a bystander if she is even allowed to hold a weapon.

While Piper is stumbling her way around in liberty, her cellmates continue life wearing orange in Lichtenfeld, including Piper’s on-and-off girlfriend Alex Vause (Laura Prepon). Piper finds time to return to the institution to touch base with them, but the interaction of talking via phone while separated by barriers feels off-putting to all involved. Some of the dialogue sampled via voiceover asks the question Piper and her former prison companions have in their heads: “What do we do when we reach the place where we don’t know what to do?”

Netflix is totally savvy on how much “Orange is the New Black” has resonated with its audience since 2013 and six previous seasons, so their swan song season 7 is getting an epic sendoff with the catchphrase “Orange is Forever.” See the conclusion of “Orange is the New Black” on Netflix this coming July 26.

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