Thursday, June 27, 2019

KRIS AQUINO Counter-argues with Online Heckler; Hints at Possible RUNNING for OFFICE in 2022 ELECTIONS

When ABS-CBN’s Queen of All Media Kris Aquino began having an uptick of allergic reactions beginning in 2013, she initially considered it as merely what they felt like: allergies. What she did not know was that they were the harbinger of a far worse condition, and one that she has been battling since last year: autoimmune disease. The fact that she had to deal with this health problem along with legal issues concerning a lawsuit by one of her business associates makes it understandable that she has kept to her privacy. But every now and then she does make a stand against hurtful online commentary.

Case in point, ABS-CBN News tells us that Kris Aquino defended herself against a social media follower who insinuated that she was exaggerating her symptoms of anaphylactic shock from 2018. She urged the poster, whom she suspected could be a fake account, to read up on her autoimmune disorder to realize how she is in mortal peril from a severe enough allergic reaction. But to go one better, the Queen of All Media went on to pose a challenge to herself: namely that she will run for public office in 2022 if her condition improves.

“You haven’t earned the privilege of being cruel to me or ANYONE else battling an autoimmune issue, any form of allergy, or any type of illness,” so went Kris’s spirited reply to the alleged social media troll that she identified as “@dtrm56.” Further calling out the persons behind the account, she demanded them not to judge her harshly, adding a warning of possible divine retribution that her anaphylactic shock might manifest in the ones responsible for the bashing, or any of their loved ones, as a lesson in showing compassion.

Although her references to it were oblique in her social media post, Kris Aquino did insinuate the possibility of entering politics – a topic she had turned away from for years and only entertained shortly before the onset of her current condition – if her health is up for it by the next Presidential Election in 2022.  She even noted that she can stand for five political platforms at once if the opportunity presents itself. They would be: healthcare (since she has experience as a patient), taxation, education (being a mother), the justice system plus family code, and finally small entrepreneurship. The latter three come off as scathing comebacks against her detractors who have pinned various accusations like tax evasion, overprotective parenting and unethical business practices to her.

In prior social media entries, Kris noted that the specific type of anaphylactic shock autoimmune disorder she has been struggling with was diagnosed in Singapore as chronic spontaneous urticarial. The social media post she replied to has been deleted.

Image courtesy of Philippine News


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