Monday, June 17, 2019

“HELLO, LOVE, GOODBYE” Explores Love among Busy HK OFWs, and Prospects of ALDEN-KATHRYN Romantic Tandem

While the popular image of major Philippine TV networks ABS-CBN and GMA7 is that of a borderline hostile competition between rivals, it is known that they have been able to collaborate on many projects before. The latest such team-up between stars of these Filipino TV giants is “Hello, Love, Goodbye” from Star Cinema and starring GMA’s Alden Richards with ABS-CBN’s Kathryn Bernardo. This is Alden’s first big-screen outing following his last lead role in 2016 (barring cameos and special participations), and also the first time he is paired with the Kapamilya network’s Phenomenal Box Office Queen. From the looks of the first teaser it could be the start of a new alternative cross-network love team.

As ABS-CBN News tells us, from the initial trailer released online by Star Cinema, “Hello, Love, Goodbye” looks to be a love story in a socially topical setting, as two Overseas Filipino Workers in Hong Kong meet and find a romantic connection amidst their hectic working lives. That imagery is reinforced by the introduction of the official film poster according to Cosmopolitan PH, which depicts Alden and Kathryn’s characters walking arm in arm along a busy Hong Kong street with the surrounding passersby fading into an atmospherically evocative motion blur.

Back to the trailer; Star Cinema cuts a masterful teaser that lays down the general plot without giving the storyline away. It also gives a powerful glimpse on the life of a Hong Kong-based OFW in the here and now, significantly changed from how it may be portrayed in film years ago. Kathryn’s role is that of a domestic worker, doing tasks from market shopping to assisting her employer’s school-age child to washing windows. Alden’s character in the meantime is in a more dignified profession as a bartender, setting the stage for them to meet.

Filmmaker Cathy Garcia-Molina takes the story by Carmi G. Raymundo and gives it her trademark romantic touch so familiar to Filipino audiences, though whether it will also add shades of rom-com remains to be seen. From the look of things “Hello, Love Goodbye” might be playing the love story straight, framed in the background of OFWs in Hong Kong. Kathryn’s character arc might be what the teaser’s taglines might refer too, if she can afford to fall for Alden’s character and focus on a relation over working to send money to her family back home. Her abrupt declaration of love while the couple is on a Hong Kong sightseeing tour seemingly verifies the story beats.

Whether the Alden-Kathryn tandem can work as an alternate for the canon AlDub and KathNiel love teams has yet to be seen, but their onscreen dynamics in the trailer makes one wonder. The official poster confirms “Hello, Love, Goodbye” as premiering next month, July 31.

Image courtesy of GMA Network


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