Thursday, June 27, 2019

First TRAILER of New CHARLIES ANGELS Released Coming this NOVEMBER

Arguably one of the best Seventies revival success stories in pop culture would have to be the film adaptation of the 1976-81 crime drama series “Charlie’s Angels” that was done in 2000. It established that the movie was following up from the TV show, with the changing main cast lineup being canonized as how the Townsend detective agency renews its roster over the years. While the idea of “no guns, only martial arts” that the film Angels used was considered fanciful, it may have caused the 2003 sequel to tank. But Sony and Columbia are keen on continuing the franchise, and based on the trailer for the new film, they might have hit the jackpot.

CNN tells us that a first teaser has been put out for the new “Charlie’s Angels” film by none other than its director and screenwriter herself. Elizabeth Banks has shared the trailer over her Twitter page and it promises some intense action and suspense along with a light shade of humor, as it introduces a new generation of beautiful badass private investigators that hopefully embody the “Independent Women” mystique that was hyped up in the 2000 movie. And as social media notes: if it could make Kristen Stewart show more emotions than she did in the “Twilight” saga, then great.

The trailer adds a new element to the basic “Charlie’s Angels” storyline. Where before it only operated from one office of boss Charlie Townsend in the US, now the agency is worldwide a la “MIB: International” from the same studio just this month. Several teams of Angels work cases in different locations, aided by multiple mentors who all go by the name of Bosley, after the succession of assistants answering to Charlie in both series and previous films. A particularly dangerous assignment leads to an assembly of Angels to tackle.

When programmer Elena (Naomi Scott) is threatened at her workplace by hostile parties trying to steal and weaponize her energy research, she calls on Townsend Investigations to help uncover the mystery. She is then taken under the protection of three Bosleys (Elizabeth Banks, Djimoun Hounsou and Patrick Stewart) and must assist two Angels – Jane (Ella Balinska) and Sabina (Kristen Stewart) – in their detective work, ultimately setting her up to eventually join the Angels herself. What follows is a montage of sweet and brutal fight choreography and the revelation that these Angels are using guns again.

The film will have a theme song performed by a team-up of Ariana Grande, Lana Del Rey and Miley Cyrus, in the spirit of Destiny’s Child in the 2000 version. “Charlie’s Angels” is slated to premiere this coming November 15.

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