Monday, June 10, 2019

EDDIE GARCIA Still in CRITICAL CONDITION Following TV Shooting Mishap

There was a time when Filipino actor Eddie Garcia could arguably be compared to James Bond actor Sean Connery, both famous for being ruggedly handsome and effective actors even as they work well beyond the average retirement years. Then Connery, 2 years Garcia’s junior, retired in 2006 while “Manoy” Eddie managed to keep himself busy in local showbiz, achieving a Filipino record of most film appearances for an actor since 2011. Granted, with the passing of years his physical exertions while on screen has significantly reduced in consideration for his age.

Thus while shocking, it was not surprising that Eddie Garcia suddenly collapsed over the weekend while on the set of his latest TV soap, although the circumstances reported to the media were initially confused. GMA Network, home of Garcia’s current series “Rosang Agimat,” initially reported that the 90-year-old actor suffered a heart attack when he collapsed on his feet while shooting a scene on Saturday, June 8, and fell unconscious. Garcia was taken to intensive care at the Makati Medical Center in June 9, where a thorough examination including a CT scan clarified that he did not go into cardiac arrest. Rather, he had lost his balance and fractured his neck and cervical as he fell, according to

Understandably, Garcia’s family were upset at the mistaken information regarding the actor’s true medical condition, and this from the network producing his latest TV show, following his time at ABS-CBN on the hit long-running teleserye “Ang Probinsyano.” As The Manila Times tells it, the sister of Garcia’s partner Lilibeth Romero posted the true circumstances of the lifetime matinee idol on Facebook, which included an appeal to GMA Network to squelch its initial “heart attack” news report so as not to do Garcia a great injustice. The network has done so.

In addition, GMA 7 has begun investigating the taping of “Rosang Agimat” where Eddie Garcia suffered his injury, which was caught on camera footage. Very telling according to CNN Philippines was the fact that there was no medical team on the set, especially considering the delicate condition of the actor despite his spry fitness from a healthy lifestyle. The network stated that it was company practice to have medics and ambulance crews standing by on both taped and live programs, especially when there are action sequences involved in case of the former. “Rosang Agimat” is an “urban fantasy” action soap.

GMA Network is continuing its investigation even as Garcia remains in critical condition. His family and many fans are asking for prayers from the showbiz community for his timely recovery.

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