Friday, June 21, 2019

APPLE Issues RECALL of MACBOOK PRO Units Made Around 2015-17

On the tech device scene, battery issues are serious business. One does not easily forget the massive embarrassment on the part of Korean electronics giant Samsung and their prematurely-discontinued Galaxy Note 7, which was notorious for overheating and catching fire even with a unit recall. Not even Apple has got a flawless record on device battery problems. This came to prominence back in May when an Apple user’s MacBook Pro went up in smoke and fire. Apple has just acknowledged that MacBook Pros from a production period as far back as four years ago may have developed fire safety risks.

According to The Verge, Apple is now issuing a recall order for their MacBook Pro laptops released during the production window of September 2015 to February 2017. Although the computing juggernaut has noted that only a limited number of MacBook Pros from that time period may have been affected by the battery problems, the number of laptops that came out over 17 months is still quite significant. Thankfully however, no other MacBook Pros or Apple laptops appear to be involved. The MacBook pro model in question is a 15-inch rMBP with Retina Display, and Apple’s recall involves giving these units all-new batteries, for free too.

MacBook Pros that might be among those affected by fire-risky batteries could be identified by sight from their full-size USB ports and a keyboard that is (perhaps thankfully) not one of the new-model butterfly designs that users find problematic. A final confirmation can be done by looking at the unit’s serial number. This is easily done by clicking the upper-left corner Apple menu and selecting “About this Mac.” The serial number should read like “MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015).”

With the 2015 MacBook Pro recall, users with eligible units can receive a replacement battery for their laptop that will certainly add more years to its service life. The catch is that the unit must be surrendered to an Apple repair center, and the battery replacement could last for up to two weeks maximum. If these MacBook Pros remain the work laptops of their users that might present a problem for how long it would take to fix. The fact that the “recall for free battery replacement deal” does not come with a warranty extension is also a real buzz-kill.

MacBook Pros, despite being impressive portable computers, have had some hiccups in their hardware along the way. The 2018 release had a missing firmware digital key that caused problems with its CPU fan, leading to overheating issues mitigated by the computer decelerating its processor speed.

Image courtesy of Consumer Reports


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