Tuesday, May 7, 2019

STAR CINEMA Holds General AUDITION for Next DARNA on Film

In Philippine comic-book superheroes, Mars Ravelo’s “Darna” is like DC’s “Superman” and “Wonder Woman” rolled into one. The latter applies due to Darna being a super-powered and beautiful woman; the former is implied due to Darna being the face character of sorts in the local superhero scene. Then again, Darna is more recently famous for her adaptation into film and TV. There is even a new movie being developed by Star Cinema. It has been stalled due to lead actress Liza Soberano withdrawing from the role due to injuries. With no other established actress stepping up to the plate, Star Cinema is opening things up.
By that, it means the film studio is now holding a nationwide general audition on who will become the next Darna on the big screen, according to CNN Philippines. Star Cinema has put up a formal announcement video on their official Instagram page, detail the primary criteria for those interested in trying out for the role of the Philippines’ most iconic superhero. They are teaming up with Star Magic and the upcoming reality show Star Hunt in finding someone in the country who will play the part of Darna, an unprecedented opportunity for cinematic stardom.

According to the criteria, the studios are looking for female candidates (obviously) between the ages of 20 to 26 years. They must also be at minimum, 5 feet 5 inches in height and have prior experience in acting. This criterion could probably mean at least having acted in school plays and similar productions if not having already appeared in film or television. The candidates must also be fluent in Tagalog and, seeing as they are portraying a superhero, physically fit. This is vital too, considering prior Darna actress Liza Soberano and her unfortunate injuries that led to her dropping out.
These criteria were reiterated by Star Hunt on its own social media page in Twitter. Added in their version is the qualification of being knowledgeable in contact sports, which likely includes martial arts for a distinct advantage. Also listed is the audition date, which is rather short notice for interested applicants outside Metro Manila. ABS-CBN will take them on this weekend, May 4 to 5, at the ABS-CBN complex’s audience entrance starting at 10 AM.
Aside from Liza Soberano, another major shakeup in the Star Cinema “Darna” film project was in who was sitting in the director’s chair. Erik Matti has bowed out of the production, with his duty being taken up by Jerrold Tarrog.
Image courtesy of Star Cinema


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