Friday, May 17, 2019

SANDISK Introduces 1TB MICROSD MEMORY CARD Better Late than Never

One terabyte of data storage; anyone form whom computers are part of their lives would know just how useful that level of capacity can be. Once in the sole domain of computer hard disks, and the external disk drives, the possibility of carrying 1TB in something as small as an SD memory card was ultimately realized in 2017 by one of the first names in SD storage: SanDisk. There was a problem however: the micro-SD card was a prototype, with significant issues to hinder mass-production. Time spent by SanDisk to perfect their tech design allowed Lexar to bring out its own 1TB micro-SD in January; but better late than never.
The Verge reports that after about two years of tweaking their milestone prototype, SanDisk has finally introduced their Extreme micro-SD Card. All one terabyte of storage power can be had in an itty-bitty physical size. The official SanDisk website’s online store already has the new memory card listed, ready for buyers to have for their mobile devices and even the Nintendo Switch console. There is a little stumbling block to its larger availability however, similar to SanDisk rival Lexar who got their 1TB out months earlier. Consider its $449.99 price.
If one is willing to pay up close to five hundred dollars for a terabyte of portable micro-storage, then the price for the SanDisk Extreme is no skin of the nose. In that at least, SanDisk (and its parent company Western Digital) has gotten the advantage over fellow California-based manufacturer Lexar (itself a subsidiary of Chinese flash-memory company Longsys, based in Shenzhen). That is because the latter’s Professional 1TB micro-SD is priced at $499.99, $50 more than SanDisk’s. In terms of read/write speeds the Extreme beats the Professional too, with 160MB/s read and 90MB/s to Lexar’s 95MB/s and 70MB/s respectively.
Outside of the official SanDisk store, the new micro-SD can also be gotten at other retailers such as B&H Photo or Amazon. The latter however does not include the US, listing the Extreme 1TB as available only in UK, Spanish and German editions. Shopping for the new SanDisk on these platforms however could see delivery waiting times of up to three months for various reasons. Pricing aside, now that both SanDisk and Lexar have terabyte-level storage media in the market now, it will not be long before it becomes a normal standard for storage media in future. Time will tell.
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