Friday, May 10, 2019

PRINCE HARRY and MEGHAN Welcome BABY BOY to British Royalty

About a year ago, an American actress became a fairy-tale heroine. She – Meghan Markle – got to wed a Prince, the second son of the Prince of Wales, and became part of the British Royal Family. While significantly far enough from the line of succession, the 2018 marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan, who would become Duke and Duchess of Sussex, was still a spectacle. Royal Family observers then waited for the two to start a family in the fashion of Harry’s elder brother William and his wife Kate. It did not take too long. This past Monday, the Duke and Duchess welcomed their first child.
CNN reports that Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, gave birth this March 6 to a baby boy. Details on the birth of the latest British Royal Baby have been scarce, including his name and where the birth took place. His father Harry, Duke of Sussex, did offer the detail that his coming was slightly “overdue.” Nevertheless the son of the Duke was healthy at 7 pounds, 3 ounces as related by the Royal Couple on their official Instragram page. “Their Royal Highnesses thank you for your support and kindness during this exceptionally joyful time in their lives as they welcome their baby boy,” the caption read, with a video of Prince Harry speaking with the press.
The circumstances of the baby are very notable in itself. As his mother was American (and mixed-race at that), he is the first half-American multiracial member of the British Royal Family in its history. This however does not make him automatically a dual-citizen of the United States and United Kingdom, but it does make him eligible to apply for US citizenship in the future. His birth was something of an important event for “black” British of British-African or British-Caribbean backgrounds.
Although a Royal, the baby of Harry and Meghan of Sussex does not have the title of “Royal Highness” due to his father being the second son of the Prince of Wales. He can however be provided the Style by the authority of his great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II if she chooses. Otherwise he can be given one of the noble titles his father holds; for instance, he can be named Earl of Dumbarton after Harry’s noble title in Scotland (Sussex is his main, English title aside from his Prince-hood). Upon the death of Elizabeth II and the accession of her heir Prince Charles as King however, only then might the son of Harry and Meghan be styled a Royal Highness.
Congratulations to the Royal Couple for the first addition to their family have come from many quarters. In particular, Meghan’s former cast-mates in “Suits” have been especially happy for them.
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