Friday, May 31, 2019


A great versatile artist is an uncommon sight and therefore a joy for followers of the entertainment industry. The most common of these are either those recording artists that turn out to be able to act, or the actors and actresses who happen to have some sweet vocal chords alongside their acting chops. Often when an artist crosses over from singing to acting or vice versa, there is a chance that they eventually stop doing their previous thing. So when a singer-turned-actor releases an album after so long, it is sure to get plenty of interest and attention, much like Glaiza de Castro right now.
An acting veteran of both the Philippines’ major networks since 2002, Glaiza de Castro also has an established background as a recording artist, ever since her first album in 2001 back when she was only 13 years old. Three more albums have followed, with the fourth released only in 2017 to great reception on Spotify. She has not slowed down however, since she has a newly-cut single out for her fans, courtesy of PolyEast Records. This is “Kapalaran,” a song that came to fruition as a beautiful team effort between Glaiza and some close friends.
“Kapalaran” was born from a demo sent to Glaiza by actor Alwyn Uytingco while the latter was in Japan. She was inspired by the initial composition and got to co-writing the lyrics and melody with Alwyn. To add more boom to the song, Glaiza collaborated with Juan Miguel Severo, master of spoken-lyric poetry to add some poignant and soulful verse to the composition, all of which are then tied together by the well-practiced arrangement of Axel Fernandez. Alwyn’s Japan trip experience, spiced up through Glaiza’s vocals and Juan Miguel’s “hugot,” come together to make “Kapalaran” a new hit OPM single.
Of the lyrics, Glaiza de Castro notes that she wants to help her listeners to stand up to the pressures of society, and trust in their own abilities to show them what their future path can be. “We all have gifts or skills or talents and whatever it is that you feel you like to do, that is your fate,” she says. The singer-actress also gives props to Juan Miguel, noting that his spoken lyrics in the song are perfect for conveying a strong message. Remarks Glaiza of the master poet and their collaboration, “It’s impossible not to listen to him when he says something.”
Spotify listeners can tune in now to hear Glaiza de Castro’s single “Kapalaran.” You can keep up with her and other artists under the PolyEast Records label via their official social media pages. Catch them on @PolyEastRecords for Twitter and Instagram, and on Facebook.


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