Tuesday, May 7, 2019

GUESSING GAME On for Name of 2019 Android Q Release

Ever since the Android operating system was developed beyond its initial 1.0 version in 2008, the subsequent updated editions were given code names based on various pastries and snack foods. Aside from the “Petit Four” appellation for Android 1.1, each future version had names that went by alphabetical order. This started with Android 1.5 Cupcake in 2009, followed by 1.6 Donut, 2.0 Éclair and so on. For the most part, each major Android version since 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was released annually, making each new code name for future editions a guessing game, based on the next letter of the alphabet.
While Android 9 from the year before, 2018, had an obvious snack or pastry designation for its letter P (“Pie”), Android users are now looking to the impending release of version 1.0 this year. Owing to the alphabet sequence, the letter for the 2019 release is “Q.” And now as The Verge tells it, guessing games and even wagers are busy being done to discern the name that will go with the upcoming version. This buzz will certain intensify leading to the 2019 I/O developers’ con event by Google that starts off this Tuesday, May 7.
Why Google went with this naming sequence for every next major step of the Android mobile OS is a mystery. Their Android history website claims every Android code name has been a “sweet” food item. What is known to Android users is that Google has recently been running out of tasty ideas on what to call their more recent versions. For Android M and N, they had to pose the question to the internet, and got “Marshmallow” and “Nougat” respectively. For Android O in 2017, they relied on a surprise partnership with Nabisco to be able to allow the use of famous cookie “Oreo.”
Already online guesses for Android Q’s meaning have started flooding social media. Unfortunately many of the “Q” snacks are overseas food items that might not be well-known in the US (save perhaps for quince). In addition, other speculators are proposing that the milestone 10th version of Android would see Google move on from the edible theme code-naming. The answer to this little question might be revealed this week as the Google I/O conference goes on. Already they have boasted that version 10 Q has improved privacy options, a dark mode, sharing menu, and better compatibility with folding phone designs. Perhaps Android-using Samsung might consider that for their Galaxy Fold, following its indefinite release moratorium. But first they will need to fix their hardware for durability.
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