Friday, May 24, 2019


“American Idol” on ABC has loosed its shot earlier this week when it had its final competition for season 17. As all fans of reality singing competitions know now, it was the master bayou-style singer from Louisiana, Laine Hardy, who prevailed there in the end. Now it was NBC’s turn with its own big-name reality singing show “The Voice,” which aired its 16th season since late this February. Their Week 6 Live Show Finale went on for two days in Monday and Tuesday, and now the results are out. Notably, the winner of “The Voice” season 16 has hit a number of milestones for the entirety of the show’s run.
As People tells it, Maelyn Jarmon, one of Coach John Legend’s singers, who ultimately emerged victorious in the 2-part finale of “The Voice” 16 on May 20 and 21. She was by her lonesome in this home stretch, with the other members of the Final Four being all talents under Coach Blake Shelton: Andrew Sevener, Gyth Rigdon and Dexter Roberts. The finalists were given a three-song set: a solo cover, a duet cover with coach, and an original song each. Despite the heavy odds, it was Jarmon who won it.
With her victory, Jarmon has established new records benchmarks for the whole run of “The Voice” on its network. She is the second time a contestant who made all four coaches turn in the Blind Auditions advance to win in the finals. Her only companion in this achievement is season 10 winner Alisan Porter. Jarmon also snagged the first coaching victory for John Legend, particularly on his debut as Coach. The occasion was the second time a one-contestant “Voice” coach beat a field of three finalists under a rival. In supreme irony, the first Coach to pull that was Shelton Blake in season 7.
During the winner’s press conference he spoke about this triumph at Blake’s expense with some strong words. “I really love Blake and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know him this year. He’s a very arrogant bastard,” Legend said. “I had a feeling he was going to kiss someone’s ass after this show and I was right.”
Support for the 26-year-old Maelyn Jarmon was pretty strong not just in the votes but in the audience. Her family and friends, numbering 20 strong, cheered for her performances while wearing matching “Maelyn” shirts. When her win was announced, her boyfriend Jonny Murrel even joined her onstage during the celebration. Even Jarmon’s life story was inspirational. She achieved her win on “The Voice” season 16 even while deaf in her right ear and only 80% hearing on the left, the result of a medical procedure at age 2 gone wrong.
Regarding Shelton Blake’s country music trio, Andrew Sevener was fourth place, Dexter Roberts placed third, and Gyth Rigdon was Runner-Up.
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