Tuesday, May 21, 2019

First TRAILER Out for THE CW’s “Batwoman” Starring RUBY ROSE

For DC and Warner Bros., when the former’s major superhero characters must be interpreted in live-action, then it is best that they appear in big-budget blockbuster movies. It is not common for them to be depicted in live-action TV nowadays, even if their alter egos might appear. During the heyday of “Smallville” Clark Kent only became Superman in the series finale, for the final scene. His superhero name was not even mentioned. The same went for “Gotham” on Fox. Bruce Wayne only became Batman in the finale, his hero identity was not mentioned, and the studio had to create its own Bat-costume to feature him.
The same deal will be going on in the latest superhero installment of the “Arrow-verse” on The CW. What more can be added to a setting with a Modern-Day Robin Hood, the Fastest Man Alive, the Man of Steel’s cousin and a team of time-travelling heroes? How about the Dark Knight’s cousin, “Batwoman”? E! Online has it that The CW has just launched their first official trailer for the new series, starring Australian MTV VJ, model and actress Ruby Rose. It follows up from the “Elseworlds” multi-series crossover across the “Arrow-verse” franchise from last year.
Like most trailers, this one establishes the initial situation of the lead character while delving into his backstory. Kate Kane (Rose) is a drifting street-fighter whose promising career in the military is ruined at the academy when she outs herself as a lesbian. At the request of a friend she comes to Gotham City, where Batman has disappeared for years, her cousin Bruce Wayne has closed up his company and left town, and her father Jacob (Dougray Scott), a retired Colonel, is helping keep the peace with his private security outfit the Crows.
When a criminal gang becomes too troublesome for the Crows, Kate stumbles into the closed-up Wayne Enterprises HQ, and with the help of its security guard Luke Fox (Camrus Johnson), she discovers her cousin’s secret and takes up his mantle – after making the costume fit a woman.
A significant advantage Ruby Rose had in casting for the part of Batwoman was that, like the DC Comics character, she herself came out as lesbian (at age 12) and currently identifies as gender-fluid. Rose also thinks the current time and circumstances are right to adapt “Batwoman” into live-action TV. “There’s a lot in there that I think viewers can watch at any age group and find people to identify with and get solace out of that or inspiration or just feel like they’re not the only person that’s like that and that’s super important,” she says of the show.
“Batwoman” also stars Meagan Tandy, Nicole Kang, Rachel Skarstein, and Elizabeth Anweis. “Arrow-verse” creative force Greg Berlanti and Caroline Dreis are developing the series, which has been picked up by The CW this May. No premiere date has been scheduled.
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