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There are the “big-name” media awards, and then there are the other media awards. The former have easily-remembered nicknames: Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony, which also apply to their respective tokens given to the winners. Some of the names that can be quickly recalled for the latter category might be MTV. The media/reality (and former music-video) television channel has had their own Movie awards since 1992. It has since expanded to honor TV as well, with some pretty nifty categories and “golden popcorn” as the trophy. Nominees for the 2019 Movie and TV Awards have been announced, and some of the titles were easily discerned.
The Verge has it that the list of nominees for the 2019 MTV Movie and TV Awards are top billed, sort of, by two giants of the big and small screens. The first is “Avengers: Endgame,” from the decade-spanning MCU superhero movie franchise that has also expanded into TV and streaming. The second is “Game of Thrones,” the near-decade-spanning medieval fantasy epic on HBO that is ending next Sunday. The two franchises lead the nominations for Best Movie and Best Show respectively, and have representation in other categories as well.
For “Avengers: Endgame,” it has both hands in Best Hero (Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man) and Best Villain (Josh Brolin as Thanos). The Infinity-Stone finger-snapping alien conqueror also figures in Best Fight with his brutal brawl against Captain America (Chris Evans). As for “Game of Thrones,” it also got nominees in Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen for Best Performance in a Show and Maisie Williams as Arya Stark for Best Hero. Lastly, similar to Brolin/Thanos for “Endgame,” Williams/Arya figures in the Best Fight category, matched against the White Walkers (which she annihilated in S8-E3).
While the nominees for all categories in the Movie and TV Awards are the producers and executives of MTV, the voice to determine the winners comes from the fan community, lately via online voting on the official website of the program. Nomination and winning in the MTV Movie and TV Awards, which run roughly in the middle of the year, tend to become proving grounds for the films and shows involved when it comes to the major media awards lasting into the following year. Both “Avengers: Endgame” and “Game of Thrones” are the current hot topics on social media too.
MTV announced the nominees for this year’s awards on Tuesday, May 14. The awards ceremony itself is this Friday, May 17 at the Barker Hangar, Santa Monica. “Shazam!” star Zachary Levi, himself a nominee, shall be host of the show.
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