Tuesday, May 7, 2019

ATENEAN Law Student is TOP PASSER for 2018 BAR EXAM

Of all qualification examinations that are taken by tertiary education graduates in the Philippines, the one that carries the most weight would have to be the Bar Exam for graduates of Law School. In recent years the pomp and fuss over hopefuls going to the University of Santo Tomas every November to take the test for admission to the bar have been prominent enough to make the news. And when the results are announced the following year, the triumphs and disappointments are palpable to observers through media. It is that time again, for the Supreme Court has announced the passers for the 2018 Bar Examinations.
CNN Philippines reports that the Supreme Court of the Philippines has released the list of successful examinees from the Bar Exam last year. A total of 8,155 bar exam takers were recorded in the four Sunday of November 2018 that the test was administered in the UST. According to the official tally, a flat 1,800 of those over eight thousand hopefuls had their dream come true in passing the bar here in this country. That accounts for around 22.07% of the total test-takers in 2018.
Leading the way for this latest batch of newly-minted lawyers is the valedictorian of the 2018 Law Class for Ateneo de Manila. He is Sean James Borja who has topped the successful examinees from last year with an 89.3060% rating.
The rest of the top ten bar passer positions were divided between several Manila universities and the University of San Carlos in Cebu. In descending order from Borja’s number one spot, they are the following:
Marclay Augustus Natu-el (87.5300%) and Mark Lawrence Badayos (85.5420%), both from the University of San Carlos; Daniel John Fordan (85.4430%) and Katrina Monica Gaw (85.4210%), both from Ateneo de Manila University; Nadaine Tongco (85.0320%) and Patricia Sevilla (84.8590%), both from the University of the Philippines; Kathrine Ting (84.8570%) from De La Salle University – Manila; and finally Jebb Lynus Cane (84.8050%) from the University of San Carlos bringing up tenth place.
Records set by the 2018 Philippine Bar Exam include the highest number of test-takers for a year. In terms of passing rate, it is not as good as years past. For example, the 2017 Bar Exam (results announced in 2018) had a higher number of passers at 25.5%, or 1,724 examinees out of 6,748. The top record for the highest number of successful bar passers is 2016 (announced 2017) where 3,747 passed the bar from 6,344, or more than half the total number at 59.06%.
Image: Philippine Supreme Court (YouTube)


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